In the news: Three notable headlines

Tribune News Service

1. Elijah Cummings dies at age 68

Americans received sad news Thursday with the passing of Maryland Democrat and representative for the U.S. House, Elijah Cummings. The Democratic politician is best known for taking on a lead role in checking the background of President Donald Trump, as well as serving on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform. Cummings was 68 when he died due to health complications, which were a result of longstanding health challenges.


2. Young NYC mother dies from cyst 

27-year-old Rosemary Abreu died after a simple procedure to have a cyst removed from her thigh did not go as planned. The procedure, which was attempted at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx, was moving along when Abreu went into cardiac arrest during the operation. The procedure took place in late September and it was only one day later that Abreu was confirmed dead. Abreu left behind her mother and two daughters of ages two and nine. The family is seeking $50 million in damages from the hospital.


3. Initial plans to host G7 summit at Trump resort foiled

 Last week, President Donald Trump announced over Twitter that he’d planned to name Trump National Doral, a Floridian golf resort of his, as the host of the 2020 G-7 summit. Democrats were quick to criticize calling this plan more evidence of how the President has used his position in office for personal benefit. Saturday night, the President went back on his tweets and confirmed that the summit would not be held at Doral.