Local Farmers Market Thrives Through Pandemic

Every Wednesday through mid-October the Waynesburg Farmers Market will operate from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., located in the heart of downtown Waynesburg, on South Street next to the Greene County Courthouse.

The Farmers Market occurs once a week, hosted by a non-profit organization, Waynesburg Prosperous and Beautiful.

The organization encourages all community members to attend the weekly market to support local gardeners and farmers, which helps to revitalize more businesses downtown.

The farmer’s market has been available for around 14 years, hosted in the same location almost every year.

Larry Marshall, the community organizer, oversees the farmers market. Marshall is close with the university, he retired from Waynesburg University as the athletic director after seven years.

“This has been one of the best years so far,” Marshall said. “We were a little skeptical as to how things would go during the pandemic, but we have been selling a lot more than previous years.”

The county and bureau’s cooperation made it easy for the market to operate, even with being in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. All over Pennsylvania, farmer’s markets are showing success with sales, even with the virus.

Social distancing and masks are still required at these events.

“The vendors are essential business owners. They grow their own products and sell locally,” said Marshall. “It’s just convenient for college students or senior citizens who don’t have a car to just come down and grab some fresh products.”

There are nine vendors this year whose products range from fresh produce, desserts and fresh proteins to houseplants, honey and wine. Many of them have been coming back each year for over seven years.

Courtesy of Rachel Redinger

“The bakery and fresh produce stand are sold out almost every Sunday,” said Marshall. “The weather has also been wonderful this year, which has brought more customers to the market.”

The Waynesburg Farmer’s Market also gives other businesses the ability to promote. Becoming a market sponsor is a great advertisement to increase your visibility to local customers.

Any further questions about the Waynesburg Farmer’s Market can be directed to Larry Marshall at 724-825-5347 or go visit online.