Men’s basketball team hosts “Midnight Madness” event

The Waynesburg University men’s basketball team held a Midnight Madness event at Rudy Marisa Fieldhouse to help support the Corner Cupboard in Greene County, and begin its 2019 campaign.


Senior guards Cam Auld and Frank Bozicevic took leadership roles in organizing this event for the Corner Cupboard according to first year head coach Tim Fusina.


“Auld and Bozicevic were the ones who organized everything from their partnership with the organization and setting up advertising,” Fusina said.


Auld’s purpose for the event was to get the Corner Cupboard in Greene County the exposure it needed.


“One purpose was to get exposure for the team,” Auld said. “But more importantly it was to help the Corner Cupboard and get the exposure it needs especially at this time of year.”


In planning the event, Auld remembered last year and the partnership, the team had with Corner Cupboard.


“A lot of teams do a Midnight Madness so it’s not like I created something new,” Auld said. “What was unique with ours was the partnership we had with Corner Cupboard because we had worked with them last year over fall break so it was important to include them in this event.” 


Fusina believes that giving back to the community is part of being a student athlete.


“They approached me about if it is something they can do and I was on board with it because it’s part of being a student athlete,” Fusina said. “We are fortunate on the positions we are in; we need to give back to those who are not.”


Another goal of the Midnight Madness event was to bring people together through the community.


“There wasn’t a specific goal, I think our thing was to just get the ball rolling on what this event could be,” Auld said. “Our goal was to help the community in any way possible and bring people together through a community event with a game of basketball, which is something important to us.”


The team also used this time to bond and spend time with each other.


“For the team it was more to be around each other and enjoy each other’s company in a laid-back scenario,” Auld said. “With the season being here practice is intense so it is nice to have fun and laugh a bit on the court.”

This was the first time the Jackets hosted the Midnight Madness event and Fusina is hopeful to continue it in the future.


“I would love to do it again and partner with Corner Cupboard again and every year a senior can do it,” Fusina said. “Hopefully we can grow it and make it better and maybe at some point get the faculty and staff involved and attend in the future.”


Auld is also hopeful that his younger teammates continue this event in the future.


“Hopefully some of the younger guys will keep this going for years to come because it has that potential,” he said.