Parody accounts have ‘some impact’ on university, according to admissions counselor

While students may enjoy parody accounts, the university must protect its image, especially with the growing presence of social media. Ashley Wise, director of university relations, said the university does not have an official stance on parody accounts.

“Waynesburg University does not have an official stance on parody Twitter accounts,” Wise said. “But [we] would encourage anyone seeking accurate information regarding the university to check the official accounts.”

As an admissions counselor at Waynesburg University, Kyle Digiandomenico said accounts like these have the potential to affect recruiting.

“In terms of harming or helping, anything negative has a direct impact on the university and its image and recruitment efforts,” Digiandomenico said. “More and more students use and engage in social media than ever before. In today’s current climate, oftentimes negative tweets, posts and news articles earn more clicks and engagements. This, inevitably, has some impact on WU.”

Digiandomenico is aware of some of the parody accounts on campus and their activity.

“I have not had a ‘personal’ interaction with the parody accounts. However, I have seen both accounts post on social media,” Digiandomenico said. “Honestly, I don’t have a personal opinion on the accounts. It seems that every school or company has something similar to these accounts. My hope is that they are ultimately done in good-faith.”