President’s Breakfast to be held during “Day of Study”

With Thanksgiving falling late this year, Waynesburg University students have less than one week of classes before finals week. This means final assignments, projects, papers, etc. will take up most of the week, and students will turn around and take on finals next week.

To provide a break from the work and studying, University President Douglas Lee will be holding the President’s Breakfast Monday Dec. 9 at 9:30 pm in the Benedum Dining Hall. Students will be able to attend the free breakfast to eat and receive a gift from the president upon entrance. 

“It’s one of the really fun things that we do at the university,” Lee said. “Recognizing how hard the students are studying and the opportunity to take a small break and relax for a few moments, enjoy some food and some fellowship with your friends. We really look forward to having that during finals week; which can obviously be a little bit stressful.”

Ben Dodge, senior biology pre-medical major, has attended the event multiple years and believes the timing of the event is in line with its mission.

“It’s really nice, that 9:30 p.m. time is just about perfect, because I’m in the middle of studying, and usually by that time I’ve finished one class and I’m onto another class,” Dodge said. “It’s just a nice break to be able to go out there and have something warm, sit around with friends and talk to them a little bit, then go back to studying.”

An aspect of the breakfast that a lot of students look forward to is the gift the president passes out to each student at the door. While the gift for this year has yet to be announced, Dodge has enjoyed the different gifts he has received in the past.

“Another nice thing about it is that the gift is different every year,” Dodge said. “It’s not always the same thing. We had a power bank last year, we’ve gotten cups in the past and I believe gloves one time too.”

The most rewarding part of the event for Lee is being able to interact with the students.

“I get to meet most of the students, like that, only a few times as president,” Lee said. “It’s really a wonderful moment for me to be able to look into the eyes of all the people attending Waynesburg to welcome them and say hello and have a kind word.”

Dodge appreciates the president’s presence at the event and believes it makes the event unique to Waynesburg.

“I think what’s interesting about having the President’s Breakfast here at Waynesburg is our president is there,” Dodge said. “He’s present with the students that show up for it and he gives out the gift.”

Lee enjoys the time he gets to share with students and looks forward to the event each semester.

“It means a lot to me,” Lee said. “I really think so highly of the students that are here, of their desire to live lives of purpose and it’s a wonderful time to just be with them.”