Pumpkinfest to jumpstart fall season

Hailey Beck, For The Yellow Jacket

The Waynesburg University Student Activities Board will be holding an upcoming event with “all the pumpkins your heart could desire,” said Annalise Cardish, senior nursing major and president of the Student Activities Board. 

“Pumpkinfest” will be held Oct. 28 in Stover 301, 302 and 303. This event is free and all students at the university are encouraged to attend. Several activities will be available for students including pumpkin and bisque painting, pumpkin carving, music and food to enjoy. 

“It’s a fun and free activity on campus,” said Ryan Smith, assistant director of student activities. “It’s a stress-relieving event, where students can come hang out with friends, meet new people and enjoy fall related activities or foods.”

The event is held annually due to its popularity with students. 

“We are hoping for a decent turn-out and for students to enjoy themselves,” Smith said. 

Cardish said Smith have been working hard recently to make sure all supplies and materials are in order for the upcoming event. The planning includes working with the Benedum Dining Hall to make sure pumpkin desserts and cider are provided, making phone calls to confirm that bisque will be provided by Gloria Ceramics, a popular supplier for SAB events, and ensuring that all of the pumpkins make their way to the third floor of Stover in time. Smith plans to purchase all of the pumpkins within the next few weeks.

“My job is just to ensure that we have the materials, supplies and people to make sure we are prepared for our events,” Smith said.

If painting or carving is not your forté, there will be a plethora of fall treats available to those who attend. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin gobs, nut rolls and apple cider are just a few to be expected.

“Even if you’re not into painting, it will still be a great time to relax with friends and enjoy some self care,” Cardish said.

This event will take place at the busy mid-point in the semester when students may need it most. Cardish and Smith encourage students to take a break from their studies and the stress of classes and attend Pumpkinfest as a time to unwind and relax. 

“Oh, it’s going to be a grand old time,” Cardish said. “It’s definitely going to be fun and relaxing, and there will be a lot to do.”