Q&A: with Randy Pettit, Assistant Athletic Director

What brought him to Waynesburg, strengths of the athletic program, and more

By: Marley Wolf

For the Yellow Jacket

You might find Randy Pettit inspiring student-athletes in the Marisa Fieldhouse or inside the Biology Department at Waynesburg University. Pettit, serves as the Assistant Athletic Director, a Strength and Conditioning Coach and an instructor of Biology. With a wide range of responsibilities, he is a friendly face to all, especially during these times of uncertainty.


Q: How did you choose this career path? 

A: “Few people know that professionally, I’m a Chiropractor. I had my private practice for about eight and a half years, before starting full time at the University. I had been treated by my uncle, who is a Chiropractor, for sports injuries and a couple of auto accidents. That’s when I started to look at that as a possible career path.”


Q: What do you believe is the best part of Waynesburg’s athletic program? 

A: “The people. That includes administration, coaches, and student-athletes. There are so many good people within this department that would do anything for you. The relationships built with colleagues and student-athletes last forever. Being able to attend former athlete’s weddings, catching up via text or social media is just a snapshot of what this department is about. This has even been highlighted and amplified through the pandemic.”


Q: How do you plan to inspire athletes you train during these days of uncertainty? 

A: “This is such a crucial time for us as coaches and administrators to be there for our athletes. I haven’t had the opportunity to work with some of the teams as I usually do this semester, so I try to stay in contact in other ways. The students are doing a fantastic job on campus with all of the restrictions that are being put in place. We are all going through the same thing, so the students need to see that from us too.”  


Q: How has your experience working with athletes changed how you look at life?

A: “There are so many ways this job has influenced my life. The student-athletes are the ones that make it such a blessing to come to work each day. They are the true definition of Division III athletes. They are out here each day working hard to play a sport that they love. They are passionate, great students and just amazing people. Any chance I can, I try to let my kids see and be around the athletes, so they can see their passion and how hard they work.”


Q: Where would you like to see yourself and career in 10 years? 

A: “I am going to have two kids that will have graduated college, and that just blows my mind. I like to think I’m not that far removed from college myself, but clearly, I’m mistaken. I can’t see myself anywhere but Waynesburg University. I grew up here, am an alumni, and thoroughly enjoy coming to work each day. I think I have it pretty good.”