SAB adapts to COVID-19 guidelines, hosts movie night outside

The Student Activities Board presented "The Hunger Games" on the big screen in Johnson Commons last weekend

Video courtesy of Rebekah Vaughan, WCTV

Fri., Sept. 11, the Waynesburg University Student’s Activity Board hosted an outdoor movie night showcasing the film The Hunger Games. Students were encouraged to bring something to sit on and to enjoy the complimentary glow sticks, popcorn, and candy that were provided by SAB.

The movie night was held outdoors to accommodate social distancing. 

“We really wanted to hold it outside because of people restrictions and things like that. Inside, we can only fit so many people,’ said Michelle Keith, student services graduate assistant. “Whereas outside, we have a lot more room to work with. Thankfully it was a beautiful night.”

Students were asked to adhere to social distancing rules by taking advantage of the extra space and sitting with one’s roommate, and students generally felt that these measures were adequate and that the night was a success. 

“I thought movie night went really well,” Eve O’Sullivan, freshman nursing major, said. “They had it in an open area so we were able to social distance.”

Although The Hunger Games came in second in the poll that SAB posted on its social media, it was shown because Waynesburg University was unable to acquire the rights to Black Panther, the film that originally won the poll, due to the passing of Chadwick Boseman.

“After the voting concluded, I had asked about showing [Black Panther] at Waynesburg University, but the movie industry decided that they were re-releasing the movie into theaters,” Ryan Smith, assistant director of student activities, said.  “After that decision was made, they were no longer allowing additional ‘smaller-scale’ showings.”

Some students were disappointed by the change.

 “I was definitely disappointed that we could not view Black Panther,’ Aleks Howard, a freshman forensic accounting major, said. “I feel watching Black Panther would have been a good tribute to Chadwick Boseman.”

Howard also viewed the movie night as a success. 

“I feel that movie night was well organized and a good time,” he said. “It was the perfect event to get people out of dorms and be outside while dealing with social distancing.”

SAB plans on hosting more events structured to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions. 

“Due to COVID restrictions, we can only do on-campus events, so they will be a mixture of in-person and virtual events,” Keith said. “We’ve had to be very flexible and think outside of the box in terms of how we’re going to deliver fun and engaging activities for students while still keeping everyone safe.”

SAB plans to bring an extended pumpkin fest to Waynesburg University in the future.

 “Since we can’t take students to Simmons Farm or a pumpkin patch like that, we are going to bring a pumpkin patch to WU,” Keith said. We’re hoping to have some backdrops, different kinds of pumpkins, and fall activities out here in Johnson’s Commons that students can choose from.”

SAB also hopes to do another movie night. 

 “‘We are looking to do a ‘Musical Under The Stars’,” Smith said. “[Basically] an outdoor movie night that will showcase a musical.”