SAB hosts Halloween ‘Monster Mash’ dance for costumed students

As the month of October comes to an end, the Waynesburg University Student Activities Board once again organized its annual dance, the ‘Monster Mash,’ Saturday, Oct. 28, in celebration of the spooky holiday.

The festivities occurred on the second floor of the Beehive and consisted of a dance floor with neon lights, music provided by DJ FEDx, a snack bar filled with pretzels, nacho chips, cheese, pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies, a gross-out and a creepy find-it game that rewarded candy and small handmade ghosts.

Freshman SAB member, Nick Morrison helped to run one of the games at the event.

“We have a bowl with pasta and a bunch of random things,” Morrison said. “You win a prize if you pick a granite rock. We’re raffling off candy and a bunch of other Halloween type stuff.”

Kyla Wolper, a planner for SAB, has been a part of SAB since her freshman year and contributes greatly to the events on campus, especially the Monster Mash, which she was in charge of planning this year.

“This is like a play off what we do at new student orientation,” Wolper said. “I wanted to do a mystery kind of box to pull rocks out and we thought spaghetti would be like a fun kind of gross thing for you to dig around in.”

Wolper had experience with planning events even before coming to the university.

“I had planned a lot of events in high school, so being behind the scenes at events was something I have really enjoyed,” Wolper said.

Kyla even participated in the dance, dressing as a box of cards to show her festivity.

Senior Adam McKnight, a public relations major was another party goer, dressing as Spider-Man to express his own Halloween happiness.

“It’s close to Halloween, just thought I’d go out and have a little fun this weekend,” said McKnight.

The most impressive part of the evening was the costume contest, which seemed like a tough decision because of the plethora of different creative costumes that everyone had showed up in. There was a group of ‘Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Men,’ a full dinosaur costume, ‘Beach Bums,’ Little Red Riding Hood and so many more. Even the SAB members, including Nick Morrison, were painted up to look like zombies, and appeared to be enjoying themselves during their time at work.

“I wanted to continue community service through college, and when I found out Waynesburg had a program like SAB, I wanted to get involved,” Morrison said.

SAB’s next event will be Wing Night with ‘Ball in the House’ Friday, Nov. 3 in the Benedum Dining Hall.