Students serve in Bonaire for Trans World Radio Station

Over Christmas break, Waynesburg University students traveled to the Carribean island of Bonaire to serve at Trans World Radio as a part of an international service project. While students of all major studies are permitted to sign up for the trip, a large number that traveled to Bonaire study in the Department of Communication.

TWR is a global radio network that provides Christian-based programming around the world. Because the trip centers around serving for the Bonaire branch of TWR, many students were given an opportunity to work within their field.

Mitch Montani and Paul Zalakar, both senior communication majors, headed an effort to collect and edit video for TWR over the course of their trip. 

The first video the students produced will be used as a part of TWR’s global “Family Focus.” Every month, a video is played to TWR workers around the world, highlighting the work of a different branch.

Another video the students worked on was a promotional tour of TWR Bonaire. 

“You get to see the different roles that people have at the radio station and Paul was able to get a lot of creative shots of people doing what they do on a regular basis,” Montani said. “It basically would bring you to TWR in a five minute span which was what they were gunning for.”

Zalakar said the promotional video highlighted TWR Bonaire’s upgrades that allows them to expand their broadcast length.

“It gives them a first glance look at who the people are that work at the TWR Bonaire, what the station is about and some specific details about the station in Bonaire,” Zalakar said. “[It also] shows visuals of the transmitter site, because they just recently got a new upgrade for a large range of radio that can be sent out to places like Cuba, Brazil and southern Florida.”

Zalakar also worked personally on a video for Jason Helmholdt, a leading member of TWR Bonaire. That video will be used to raise money to help Bonaire’s local missionaries continue their work on the island.

When reflecting on the work accomplished in Bonaire, Montani mentioned the feeling of purpose involved in producing content for TWR.

“I feel like this isn’t something that is just going to be put on a desktop somewhere,” Montani said. “It’s going to be shown to many people who come and want to see the radio station and want to see what it offers to the local community.”

Montani said the work done by students at TWR in Bonaire will continue to make a difference in the promotion of the organization.

“I think it’s something that will have a lasting impact,” Montani said. “It will get people the inside scoop as to how great the radio station is and how great of a message it sends, spreading faith through music.”