Top five Halloween candies

It’s Halloween Week, which means many people are consuming candy to celebrate the holiday and satisfy their sweet tooth cravings. But what is it about candy that we like? The sweetness, the variety of shapes and sizes it comes in, or whether it’s chocolate based?

Personally, chocolate is a favorite and a must. A good piece of milk chocolate like a Hershey’s Bar or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup will do the job for me, however, think about the other combinations of sweet and sour or sweet and salty that one might indulge with.

While many will stuff their faces with some sort of tasteful goodies, others will stay away due to the calorie count or simply because they claim they “don’t eat sweets.”

However, I believe everyone, for just a moment should at least sample a piece of candy. Holidays are a good time to find that balance between healthy and something savory, like a piece of candy.

With Halloween this week, it might be a good time to make that move. So, here are five candies from average to best options to explore this holiday season.

Number Five—Kit Kats are basic in the world of candy but are still sufficient to a lot of chocolate lovers. The simple wafer bar coated in chocolate is a good chocolatey balance that doesn’t overdo the sweetness by any stretch. The two bars allow for them to be easily separated; meaning one can be eaten  immediately and you can save the other for later.

Do you want to become smarter? Then pick up some Smarties … okay they aren’t going to boost your intelligence, but these small, circular, powdery candies are packed with flavor. As a solid non-chocolate option, Smarties are easy to eat and can be chewed quickly if you’re looking for a convenient sweet treat to satisfy your taste buds when on the move.

The third candy that should be considered to be tested are Swedish Fish. This is my favorite candy which doesn’t involve chocolate. The gummy-bear texture is morphed into a red (green, yellow or orange) fish and are packed with a fruity flavor that’ll leave the consumer returning for more. In my personal opinion, it’s red or bust, but for some, the other colors are more desirable. These can also be purchased in fat free form, so if you’re really being a strict dieter, maybe these are for you.

The second overall candy is the Three Musketeers Bar. This candy bar is a combination of milk chocolate and fluffy chocolate, strawberry or vanilla nougat. The best part about this is that the nougat is also sweet, but not so much to where it’s over-powering the inside flavor. Over time, chocolate nougat has become the most popular and still continues to be a hit each time a bite is taken.

The top option is debatable, but I think a safe bet is the Reese’s Peanut Butter cup. There are constant debates of whether chocolate belongs with peanut butter and I’m a firm believer of yes. The cup consists of a packed peanut butter filling with a milk-chocolate coating around the outside. The richness of the peanut butter and chocolate combine for one sweet and satisfying candy.

No matter the candy you crave and enjoy, be sure to treat yourself every now and again. With Halloween and other holidays quickly approaching, it might not be a bad time to sample something luscious.