University’s ‘Keep Waynesburg Well’ plan to continue over winter break

Jim Tanda speaks on the plan's continuance through the holiday break into the spring semester next year

Waynesburg University students attended their final in-person classes last week and went home for the holidays earlier than usual. While students have been following the Keep Waynesburg Well plan on campus, it should be known that it still applies at home.

Although the hope is that everyone will stay safe over break, as the numbers rise all over the United States, Jim Tanda, instructor of criminal justice, said it is important that students remain vigilant in following guidance from the CDC.

“We have provided guidance to date about monitoring your health daily. We would encourage our students to do the same while at home,” Tanda said. “Should symptoms arise, students should contact their primary care physician for advice and next steps, including any need for testing. Mandated quarantine will still be expected. We are requiring that students report any positive COVID-19 test results to WU over the break, as we will be monitoring dates and potential for exposure as we approach the start of the spring semester.” 

Winter break is often a time for holiday parties, family gatherings and reunions of friends.  These events increase your chances of contracting or spreading the virus. Tanda suggests visiting the following link where the CDC gives suggestions and tips for specific gatherings.

It is important to stay safe for your health, and the health of others, but Tanda also says that an on-campus experience for the spring semester is dependent on all members of the campus community continuing to follow the guidance of the Keep Waynesburg Well Plan and the CDC. 

“Especially with the recent spike in COVID-19 cases it is very important for everyone to follow the procedures over break to ensure we actually come back to campus in the spring,” said sophomore criminal justice major Ricky Henderson. “While I would understand if we had to go remote again, it would be extremely disappointing if it came to that.”  

Tanda said updates will be made in regards to the Keep Waynesburg Well Plan for the spring and will be announced to the students soon. As always, Tanda suggests to wear a mask, wash your hands, social distance, and screen your health daily through winter break. 

Tanda also said students should be sure to check their Waynesburg University email, as well as updates from the CDC over break. 

“We believe that our students want to be here and care enough for each other and our community that they will continue to follow the guidance as outlined in the Keep Waynesburg Well plan,” Tanda said.