Women fall to Grove City in quarterfinals

The women’s basketball season ended last week in the quarterfinals of the Presidents’ Athletic Conference after a loss to Grove City 80-46.

According to head coach Sam Jones, the difference was a barrage of threes hit by Grove City in the second half that put the game out of reach for the Jackets.

An 18-2 run in the third quarter didn’t help the Jackets, as the game slipped out of hand so did the hope that Waynesburg would go deeper into the playoff. The result led to Jones being left unsatisfied.

“[The game was] very disappointing,” said Jones.

Jones said keeping up with the Wolverines in terms of energy was a difficult task, which contributed to the loss.

“I feel we didn’t do a good job matching their energy,” said Jones, “Not that we didn’t play hard at stretches or certain people didn’t play hard the entire time, [however].”

In a game where 81 minutes were played by underclassmen, Jones was expecting players to be able to handle the strong press by Grove City, but the Jackets lacked the ability to do so.

“I thought we looked tentative at times and I was frustrated about it,” said Jones. “We got enough kids who played in games, this tentativeness and lack of intensity it’s not really what I’m expecting to see.”

Grove City’s leading scorers were senior guard Lexie Arkwright with 25 and sophomore forward Kate Balcom with 20. They were two of three Wolverines in double digits through the game. Jones did know the talent he was going up against, but thought his team would have the ability to adjust to the press.

“Grove City’s a very good team,” Jones said. “They play high energy full court pressing in-your-face-style, I knew we had to be ready for it. I was just disappointed at how we handled it at points in the game.”

This game also ends of the careers of seniors Addy Knetzer, Rachel Eng and Mackenna Drazich. With the seniors missing an opportunity to play deeper into the conference tournament, Jones said the locker room was somber.

“People were disappointed,” Jones said. “Seniors were sad the season was over, seniors were sad their careers were over so it was a very somber, quieter locker than before.”

Waynesburg finished its season with a 15-12 (10-8) record.