WU Go Girl invites speakers for tomorrow’s event

A popular campus event of the past several years is making a bigger and better comeback. WU Go Girl is an event sponsored by Residence Life taking place Wednesday, Feb. 19 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on the third floor of Stover. Last year, approximately 50-75 women attended the program. 

“It has historically been a well-attended event,” Lauren Bailey, resident director who leads planning, said. “I was a part of facilitating the event last year. There was a snowstorm the day of the event, so the speaker was unable to make it to Waynesburg. Instead, we watched a TedTalk for the event and then facilitated the discussion.”

This year, five speakers have been invited to speak and discuss different topics that influence women’s lives. 

“We are doing a round-table experience,” Annalise Cardish, senior nursing major and residence assistant in the SWEP halls, said. “There were so many topics we wanted participants to be able to hear about that we decided to have multiple speakers. We asked five faculty and staff members to speak on issues we felt they could relate to or were passionate about.”

The speakers and their prospective topics include Mary Hamila on healthy relationships, Mary Woessner on vision casting/finding your calling, Sherry Parsons on body image, Karen Younger on women in God and Jennifer Roy on your identity outside of stereotypes. Between each rotation of each speaker there will be time to engage in encouraging activities and open group discussion.

“My RA’s came up with this idea and we were very excited to try this new format,” Bailey said. 

The entire SWEP staff is in charge of running and facilitating it this year. Planning and facilitating the event has required a lot of teamwork and collaboration between the ladies running the SWEP halls. They have been working diligently since last semester.

“Our roles are divided among contacting speakers and being their liaisons, organizing and recruiting people to run tables, decorations, invitations and so much more,” Cardish said. 

“WU Go Girl is a big event that can only happen with all hands-on deck. ResLife has been those dedicated hands for several years.”

Their hard-work translates into excitement for what the event is hoping to offer to women across Waynesburg’s campus. 

“We are all women coming together,” Bailey said. “But, all of our experiences are different. This event gives us the opportunity to listen to other women share their stories and experiences and grow in our ability to support one another. It is an encouraging and empowering experience if we let it be!”

“We want women to know they have a voice and are loved and supported no matter what,” Cardish said. “Putting on WU Go Girl is meant to provide a safe space for women to explore who they are or what they want to be and learn how to achieve confidence in those qualities, even if it makes them seem different from society’s normal.”

Following in accordance with Waynesburg’s mission, there will be an aspect of faith incorporated into the program. 

“If women are empowered to live into their identity the Lord has given them and use their strengths to bless others, it will be a blessing for our entire community,” Bailey said. “WU Go Girl is an experience that can impact the way we engage the world.”

And if those words of inspiration are not enough, ladies who attend can expect to receive some tangible perks as well.

“It will be a fun and re-energizing space. Not to mention free food and DIY essential oils,” Cardish said.