WU staff prepare for Day of Giving

Waynesburg University calls upon alumni, friends, families and community partners to show their support in the annual Day of Giving, Thursday, Nov. 14. There will be a 24-hour period open this day for pledges of ten dollars or more made to a department or campus program of the donor’s choice.

The Day of Giving is an annual fundraiser event organized by the Institutional Advancement staff.

“Making this event happen is a great team effort,” said Donna Nypaver, director of Donor Relations and Annual Giving.

The goal for Day of Giving 2019 is to receive more than 1,500 individual donations. Last year’s goal of 1,200 donations was exceeded. The university drew in a grand total of 1,610 donations, raising over $214,000 for the university.

“We have been blessed with wonderful support from the entire Waynesburg community,” Nypaver said. “I think that is a testament of how much Waynesburg means to so many people.”

Each year, the Day of Giving also draws some friendly competition between the university’s departments.

“Our hope is to create a fun environment throughout the campus and add more excitement to this day,” said Nypaver. “The challenge allows all departments and programs to be rewarded with additional funds for their program.”

Departments are given a goal of receiving at least 50 donations, but many strive to exceed this in hopes of placing within the top three departments for highest number of donors.

Last year, the soccer program was the overall champion. Other top-ranking departments in years past include the Department of Communication, the Criminal Justice Department, the Fine Arts Department and the Biblical Ministry Studies Department.

“It’s fun to build up energy and see if we can overcome the communication department, fend off fine arts, criminal justice, football and all of these great programs,” said Josh Sumpter, professor of biblical ministry studies, who plays a significant role in the department’s motivation for Day of Giving. 

The funds raised directly benefit the students, enhancing their educational opportunities in and out of the classroom. Sumpter said donations to the Biblical Ministry Studies Department have been used to purchase books and study material for students, take educational trips each year, host monthly dinners for students in the department and fund students for opportunities such as the Jubilee Conference held annually in Pittsburgh. 

“Our goal in raising money is always about the students,” Sumpter said. “It gives us an opportunity for a time to grow together. That really wasn’t possible before, without the help of something like the Day of Giving.”

Nypaver said departments are also encouraged to notify and update donors as to where their donations are going. 

“Many donors like to know that their gift will impact students,” Nypaver said. “We have encouraged all departments and programs to share how each gift will be used and how it will benefit Waynesburg students.”

Day of Giving has certainly rallied students, alumni and the community in a collective effort to give back to the university.

“Donations of any amount make a big difference in the lives of Waynesburg University students,” said Nypaver.

“Its an above and beyond fund,” Sumpter said. “I would encourage donors to give back, because it provides learning opportunities and enhances experiences at Waynesburg University.”