A time to reflect: President Lee’s chapel address

Photo by Colin Rhodes

The start of the new semester is a good time to revisit the University’s mission, according to President Douglas G. Lee.

“The mission at this university is to educate students to make connections between Faith, Learning and Serving so that they might live lives of purpose for the glory of God,” President Lee said after the chapel service on Sept. 6. “Growing strong in faith is important to that mission and the beginning of a semester is an opportune time to reflect on it.”

Waynesburg University President Douglas G. Lee delivered the message for the chapel service at Roberts Chapel. Titled “A Most Important Question,” President Lee’s message to university students, faculty and staff, discussed what it means to be a Christian. 

The question President Lee addressed was “Why do we become Christians?” He further asked if it was, “to serve ourselves, or to serve God?” He then emphasized how the journey of a Christian requires commitment and the need to open one’s hearts to who Jesus is and leave at the door whatever biases or opinions one may have. 

President Lee used his own life story as an example in his message. Beginning with his graduation from Waynesburg College, now Waynesburg University, in 1977, and ending with how he received the call to become President of Waynesburg University in 2009. 

President Lee finished his message by stating that it’s better to find Christ than to be lost in the world.