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Waynesburg adds four new majors and three minors

The University recently incorporated four new major areas of study to the academic curriculum: healthcare management, forensic biology, forensic investigation and data science. At the start of the 2019 academic school year, related academic departments have expanded to include the four new major programs, as well as three new minors: entrepreneurial leadership, sports management and … Continue reading

2019 Homecoming court announced

Waynesburg University’s 2019 Homecoming Court was recently announced, with 10 total seniors eligible to be crowned king and queen at the upcoming homecoming football game, scheduled for Oct. 5. The court includes five females: Heidi Dziak, Naomi Swaney, Hannah Sembower, Rebekah Monkern and Alexis Taylor. The five senior males elected for court are Tre Thomas, … Continue reading

Power of pausing

College is the academic olympics.  Most of students’ lives to this point have been spent carefully training our minds bit by bit to endure the gargantuan challenges of higher education. We develop the mental skills necessary to complete homework, exams, papers and presentations. After high school, we hop into this world of deadlines and unimaginable … Continue reading

Freshman senators elected, four new members added to government

After a brief campaign period, four new freshmen have been elected to join the body of the student senate. The results were announced in a campus-wide email deployed Sept. 16. The elected senators are as follows: Rebecca Shank, Elliott Kimball, Noah Grossnickle and Caleb Ribbeck. Three of the newest members elected to the senate were … Continue reading

Waynesburg SAB changes roles for 19-20 school year

Ryan Smith, assistant director of Student Activities, now oversees the operations of the Student Activities Board, a duty previously held by Pat Bristor, associate dean of students.  This new role is a result of realigning responsibilities within the Student Services office after staffing changes occurred over the summer. Smith has assumed leadership as the head … Continue reading

Nursing department welcomes high school students to first-ever summer camp

The nursing department hosted its first-ever summer camp for rising high school juniors and seniors July 27-29. The three-day event offered an opportunity for interested students to explore the department’s facilities and learn more about the nursing curriculum at the university. Students were able to participate in simulations, learn nursing fundamentals and interact with department … Continue reading

Climate change is too dire for politics

It’s predicted that the Great Barrier Reef will die completely in our lifetime.  Our children will never experience its magical beauty. We have ruined that beloved ecosystem. Let that sink in. Melting ice caps are forcing starving polar bears to look for food on terrestrial land. Ice is melting earlier in the spring and forming … Continue reading

Waynesburg University presented with Educator Award

Waynesburg University was recently recognized with the 2019 Educator Award by the western Pennsylvania chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The award was presented at the foundation’s annual Out of the Darkness walk in Pittsburgh Aug. 17 and is given to schools that lead efforts to train students on suicide prevention. Briana Ryan, … Continue reading

When the steeple fell

Cast of 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' react to the cathedral's devastating recent fire

Thomas Faye was in class when he heard the news. His music history class had wound down as the professor slowly drew lecture to a close. The dwindling voice of the professor began to be overshadowed by the noise of students zipping their backpacks and slamming notebooks shut. In this momentary pause, Faye thoughtlessly checked … Continue reading

Hatred pressures students into hiding

LGBT community members share struggles, fear of harassment on 'homophobic' campus

Grace Hutchison – The Yellow Jacket Naomi Wilson didn’t think she was different. She was just an average 6-year old girl—she loved playing with her friends during school and looked forward to coming home after a day of elementary classes. In fact, the time she spent at home following school was her favorite part of … Continue reading

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