Spring formal dance held by SAB

Warmer temperatures over the past week brought students out to the dance floor at the annual Spring Semi-Formal dance hosted by the Student Activities Board last Friday night.

The dance received record attendance from students according to Ryan Smith, assistant director of student activities, which is a trend for some of the recent SAB events due to a stronger advertising effort.

“We had 125 people signed up for the event,” said Smith. “This semester, we started advertising a little bit earlier, so before spring break we were advertising for people [not to] forget their dress clothes. So, it was much further in advance. By advertising that early, I think we received better feedback.”

SAB has shifted its advertising effort to social media, since the onset of this academic year.

Smith said the organization has utilized the internet as a tool to push out posts that advertise different events throughout the weeks leading up to them.

“We have a calendar that we’ve been posting [on social media],” Smith said.  “There’s a lot, there are always so many events going on and so we try to shoot out something two weeks in advance and not too much further than that, other than the spring formal. But for the most part we do it two wee

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ks, one week and then two or three days and then that morning of.”

Sophomore Ivy Allen, member of SAB and athletic, fun and fitness coordinator for the upcoming academic year said social media is playing an increasing part in SAB.

“We put it out on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter because those are the three most used social medias on this campus,” Allen said.

Due to the increase in numbers for the most recent dance, Smith said SAB worked with the Lakeside Party Center, the long-time host site of the dance to move to a different ballroom.

“We’re actually in a different hall [inside] the Lakeside Party Center,” Smith said. “Just a change of pace for us, it’s a little bit bigger and a nicer room for us with a larger dance floor.”

Allen said the reaction from students was positive in the changes, as there was more room for the Spring Semi-Formal than there has been for previous dances.

“People were happy that there was more room,” she said. “There was 20-30 more people than we had [before]. It was very pretty, big and spacious. We weren’t on top of each other so [it] wasn’t like people were used to with Prom.

Overall, social media is something that Smith and Allen believe the organization will use to their advantage moving forward as they have most of this year.

“We’re trying to balance all of the events and plug everyone into where they need to go,” Smith said. Smith. “We started that middle [of] the last semester and we’ve done it all of this semester.”

“People are always on social media, so it will catch their eye if they see new SAB posts,” Allen said.