Catnip Acres recovers after fire 

Video courtesy of WCTV, Rachel Pellegrino

Several local businesses are trying to find ways to recover in the wake of a recent commercial building fire. 

Two weeks ago, a fire destroyed a building in downtown Waynesburg. As previously reported, there were no reported injuries, and the cause of the fire is still undetermined.

“The entire [Catnip Acres Surgery] clinic burned down. All medications: gone. Equipment: gone. Traps: gone. We lost everything,” Tanya Minardo, Manager of Catnip Acres, wrote on the Go Fund Me Page she started after the incident. 

Catnip Acres Surgery Clinic was one of four businesses-including Pine Tree Quilt Shop, All Seasons Mat Rental, The Vape Shop-and one apartment that Fire Chief Jeff Marshall said were destroyed in the fire Wednesday, Jan. 19. 

Carol Pultorak, President of Catnip Acres, recalled the incident.

“It was a shock to watch and see the flames coming out the front doors and windows … and they were probably ten feet in the air,” she said.

After the shock subsided, Catnip Acres decided to start rebuilding.

Soon after the incident, Minardo began a Go Fund Me Page and Facebook fundraiser. Her goal of $1,000 on Facebook was surpassed, having raised $1,280 as of Jan. 31. The Go Fund Me Page original goal of $5,000 was also surpassed, having raised $8,615 as of Jan. 31.

“People have just been very very generous,” Minardo said.

The business also recently announced Sunday, Jan. 23 that they’ve chosen a new building. They’ve asked The Yellow Jacket not to release the location until the details are finalized.

“Everybody was excited that we found a place and I think that was the most important thing and from now we can build onto it again,” Pultorak said.

Minardo attributes this fast recovery to the community’s endless support.

“Everybody just came together and tried to help us get back on our feet as quickly as possible. It’s been fantastic,” Minardo said.

Having spayed and neutered over 35,000 cats, Pultorak believes they’ve touched a lot of people in this community. Now, those communities are paying it forward through donations.

“I’m just really excited for the future now. The first few days we were just in shock and it was kind of you know we felt defeated and after we saw so much support it kind of got us excited to move forward,” Minardo said.

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