Greene County gets spooky

Video courtesy of WCTV, Rebekah Vaughan

Ghouls, ghosts, goblins and more. What else could the guests at the third annual Southwestern Pennsylvania Haunted Conference want?

On Saturday, March 19, fans of the paranormal came together at the EQT Rec Center in Waynesburg to attend the conference. 

Organized by Greene County local and author Kevin Paul, the conference featured five presentations given by psychic Mary Petrella, director of the Center for Cryptozoological Studies; Brian Seech, lecturer, researcher, author and media consultant; Stan Gordon from Stan Gordon productions; Kevin Paul himself and Mike Familant, the host of “In the Shadow of the Big Red Eye.”

Presentations started at 10 a.m. Paul said the turnout for the event was good.

“It’s good. I was a little worried around 9:40, but it worked out alright,” Paul said.

For his presentation, Paul spoke on his two published books, “Haunted Hills and Hallows: What Lurks in Greene County Pennsylvania” and “Haunted Hills and Hallows 2: Still Lurking in Greene County Pennsylvania.” He gave an overview of both books and touched on the Celtic connection featured in the last chapter of his second book.

“It has to do with Irish folklore,” Paul said. “I’m learning towards [that] a lot of these entities communicate quite effectively with humans, it’s just that we’re not paying attention because it’s all done in signs and metaphors because we don’t speak a common language.”

Paul said that these events are important to the community because it allows those with paranormal experiences to feel like they’re not alone in what they see. Guests were not only able to share experiences with others at the events but were able to share them with researchers as well.

 “It’s important to get those sightings out there. It doesn’t do any good if somebody has seen something and won’t talk about it,” Seech said. “People are seeing things that they don’t know what they’re seeing. We want them to know that they’re not crazy. It isn’t if people are actually seeing it.”

Southwestern Pennsylvania has been an active hotspot for paranormal activity and paranormal investigations throughout the years. Paul’s book gives the title of “Most Haunted County in America” to Greene County though.

“We don’t know what these things are. No one really knows what these things are. Don’t let them kid you they don’t,” Seech said. “Including me.”

Proceeds from the event benefited the Flenniken Public Library of Carmichaels.