In the news: Five notable headlines

1. New York jury convicts Harvey Weinstein with multiple charges

After days of deliberation, the jury in New York came to a verdict on the Harvey Weinstein case Monday, Feb. 24. Weinstein was convicted of third-degree rape of Jessica Mann and criminal sexual act in the first-degree against Mimi Haley. The jury found him not guilty on two accounts of predatory sexual assault and first-degree rape against Mann. Due to these charges, he will be facing five to 25 years in prison.


2. New post-9/11 identification law to go into effect in October

Set to go into effect Oct. 1, a new post-9/11 security law will make two-thirds of U.S. state driver’s licenses unviable identification to fly. These Americans will need to acquire a “REAL-ID compliant” driver’s license before that date or use a different form of identification to travel domestically. Other viable options for identification include a passport or a U.S. military ID. If you can not produce these acceptable identifications then U.S. airport’s Transportation Security Administration will not clear you to fly. 


3. Bernie Sanders is leading the democratic primaries

Sen. Bernie Sanders, 2020 democtraic presidential candidate, continues to lead the democratic primaries after winning the popular vote in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. Pete Buttiegeg follows closely behind along with Joe Biden, as the next primary will be held in South Carolina and commence Saturday, Feb. 29.


4. The United States is taking precautions to prepare for possible pandemic

The number of confirmed cases of the Wuhan coronavirus are rising every day. The confirmed cases in the United States alone have risen to 34. Due to these rising numbers, the United States will be taking a number of precautions in the upcoming weeks, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Friday, Feb. 21.


5. Texas girl dies after drowning in a septic tank

A two-year-old girl died Wednesday, Feb. 19, after falling into a 15 foot septic tank at an RV park in Texas. The young girl, Carleigh Nicole Nelson, had been walking on the lid of the septic tank before it buckled underneath her, leaving her to fall in, helpless. The Rockport Volunteer Fire Department attempted to pull her out of the septic tank using ropes, but she had already been trapped for about an hour. She was pronounced dead at the scene.