Pathway of Tyler Webb

“Stars align” as Webb makes transition from RD to new role

Some people can’t handle living in a dorm for four years as a traditional college student.

Tyler Webb has spent the past nine years living in a dorm environment as either a student, resident assistant or resident director. Into the dog days of this past summer, Webb made the decision that his dorm days were over.

“It has been really nice,” Webb said about transitioning away from living in a dorm for the first time since 2012. “I think that for my wife Lyndsey and I, that’s been kind of the best part of our personal lives is that having a place that is a little bit more private.”

Webb went from being the Resident Director in Willison Hall to being an Academic Support Specialist for the Pathways Center in the Eberly Library over the summer.

“I knew I was coming to the end of my RD life and was planning of only doing another year of the job before doing something else in my life. This opportunity kind of came up for me to transition full time into the Pathways Center,” Webb said. “I really love Waynesburg University. I was really happy to get the opportunity to work with the Pathways Center.”

Waynesburg University was a place that Webb was ecstatic to stay.

“The stars kind of aligned and it became the right decision for me at that time,” Webb said. “I still get to work with students but I always say that I don’t have to live with them anymore.”

With Webb working away from Residence Life, he doesn’t deal with students knocking on his door after locking themselves out of their rooms at 3 a.m. Now, Webb works more with accommodating students to become successful in and outside of college.

“I reach out to students to make sure they are getting the resources that they need to become successful,” Webb said.

Some of the resources Webb offers through the Pathways Center include: 

  • Meeting one on one with students.
  • Showing skills to combat poor time management, study and organization habits.
  • Fulfilling housing and dining accommodations.
  • Dealing with Mum referrals. 
  • Teaching a seven-week course to teach students skills to develop academically.

“It is a general overview of everything I do but I enjoy it,” Webb said. 

Webb does reminisce on the valuable moments he had back in his experience in Residence Life at Grove City College.

“I kind of said my RDs were like my older brothers and guys who could help me with personal things, with school and just an ear to go to,” Webb said. “I always had that thought if I could [be that kind of RD] for students then it would be really awesome.”

Webb was that kind of Resident Director like he admired to be.

“He’s a great guy to go to for guidance. He’s a guy that really seems to have the right answer for whatever situation you’re in,” Willison Hall Resident Assistant Tyler Wright said. “He’s really just a great role model to look up to.”

Photo courtesy of Residence Life

Another Tyler on Webb’s former staff also echoed high praise of his former mentor to round out the “Tyler trio.”

“Tyler Webb made a strong impact on me on several levels whether personal, spiritual or in a work relationship,” Willison Hall Resident Assistant Tyler Barry said. “He always brought a smile to my face and still does to this day when I see him. It is always nice to see him around campus when I do see him.”

“I’ll have to make sure I’ll pay Tyler and Tyler for saying nice things, so I’ll have to cut them a check soon,” Webb laughed. “I think it is cool that my actions have made an impact. That’s always what I want to be about.”

While he left an impact in his old role as a Resident Director, Webb hopes to do the same in his new role as an Academic Support Specialist.

“At the end of the day, I want students to be better people when they leave Waynesburg,” Webb said. “For me, it is all about seeing that growth and I enjoy seeing students take steps in the right direction being the people who they want to be. That’s exciting to me.”

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