SAB set to host Springfest, crown Spring King and Queen

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The Student Activities Board will be hosting Springfest in Johnson Commons on March 27 from 1 – 4 p.m. Springfest will include various activities sponsored by SAB and other student organizations and will feature the crowning of Waynesburg University’s Spring King and Queen.

Michelle Keith, graduate assistant working with SAB, said the event’s purpose is to honor the senior class.

“The idea for Springfest was to honor and recognize seniors similar to homecoming in past years,” Keith said. “Student representatives from several different clubs have been meeting to discuss Springfest. The idea of Springfest was brought up several months ago in the All Org meeting and various student leaders volunteered to be a part of the planning process.”

Samantha Morad, senior arts administration major and SAB President, hopes Springfest can be a sign of progress amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“We were not able to have our traditional Homecoming Week with events almost every day and voting for a court, then the king and queen and having the crowning ceremony at the football game,” Morad said. “The seniors were disappointed, but understood that due to COVID, we could not hold the event like usual. Springfest is a step in the right direction. It represents hope for the future where we will be able to be in-person and enjoy our college experience the way it was intended.”

Morad added that multiple student leaders representing organizations on campus have helped SAB coordinate this event.

“We have a planning committee of, I believe, six students,” Morad said. “The six students each represent different organizations on campus and each of them is planning their own aspect of Springfest. We meet weekly to discuss updates and needs.”

Morad also explained some of the activities students can expect at Springfest.

“SAB is hosting Ice Cream and Tye-Dye Social,” Morad said. “Biology Club will have a game with prizes. Psychology Club will serve popcorn and have an activity with prizes. And so on, there’s a lot to look forward to with the event.”

While Springfest will be in-person, COVID-19 guidelines still apply. Students will be required to wear masks, socially distance and SAB will be providing sanitation stands for interactive activities, according to Morad.

COVID-19 has also affected the tradition of outsiders attending the crowning of king and queen, according to Keith.

“Unfortunately, parents and other visitors of the court who used to be able to attend the football game will not be able to attend in person,” Keith said. “However, we are working with the Comm department and media services to hopefully live stream the event.”



Morad said Springfest King and Queen will be announced at approximately 2:30 p.m. According to Keith, applications from seniors were received by SAB through a MachForm. Approximately 20 students were on the ballot to be named to the court, which was voted on by students March 16 and 17. Below is Waynesburg University’s Springfest King and Queen Court. Students voted to decide who will be crowned king and queen March 23 and 24.


Springfest King Court Members

  • Kenneth Barnhart
  • TJ Hyland
  • Aaron Sielski
  • Isaiah Skeete
  • Ryan Williams


Springfest Queen Court Members

  • Angelica Good
  • Samantha Hyland
  • Heather Walker
  • Claire Wherthey
  • Briana Zaharko


Isaiah Skeete, a member of the Spring King Court and senior criminal justice major, also volunteered to help put Springfest together. Skeete said he worked behind-the-scenes to help coordinate the event.

“I wanted to participate in volunteering for Springfest because I wanted to learn some logistics about organizing events in Student Services due to me applying for the GA position,” Skeete said. “In addition, I thought it would be a great time to volunteer and help out.”

Skeete said he decided to run for the court because of his school spirit and involvement in various clubs and activities, such as working with admissions, residence life, student senate, Bonner scholars and others.

“I love this school and it has changed my life for the better,” Skeete said. “Through these clubs and organizations, I have been allowed to meet some great people. I love people and a lot of people know me because of my ‘distinct voice’ or outgoing personality. I love talking to people and I think that is the biggest thing.”

Skeete, Morad and Keith all encouraged students to make the most of Springfest.

“We hope students will come out and support the seniors being recognized and enjoy an afternoon of fun at WU,” Keith said.

“All Waynesburg students are invited to attend,” Morad said. “Springfest is a time of community building and making memories.”

“Weather will be beautiful for the activities,” Skeete said. “This day allows you to take a break from your studies and get some fresh air.”