College does not equal real life

Don’t get me wrong—when I moved into college as a freshman I was beyond excited. I was out of my hometown high school. I could finally be my own person and do my own things. I could sleep whenever I wanted and eat whatever I wanted and I felt free. As I finish up my … Continue reading

Will Americans emerge from this 2 year Covid Crisis less free?

Rules such as quarantines, forced closures, facility entry documents many times become expanded and semi-permanent. Taxes levied for declared emergencies become customary obligations. Temporary bureaucracies, created at the time of the emergency, are absorbed into business-as-usual bureaucracies. When the crisis is declared over, authorities find it difficult to return new powers to the shelf. National … Continue reading

How to make the most of your new-year resolutions

There’s nothing like the feeling of a fresh start. People love their new-year’s resolutions (although I don’t love having to wait for a treadmill). According to a Dec. 21, 2020, article, people have been making them, and breaking them, for roughly 4,000 years.  As I’ve grown older and more cognizant of patterns, I was … Continue reading

Finish strong at the finish line

“College is supposed to be tough.” I overheard this quote a few weeks ago from Lanny Frattare, my mentor and former voice of the Pittsburgh Pirates, when I walked past his classroom. He has a great point. College is supposed to be difficult.  Students aren’t entitled to a degree for just paying the price of … Continue reading

Q&A: The Faculty and Student Shared Reading Space

Professor Robert Randolph, professor of English, has started open readings for faculty, staff and students. Anyone is welcome to attend or share pieces such as poetry, short stories, creative nonfiction etc. According to Randolph, the only pieces that do not meet the event’s vibe are essays, music and visual art. On Thurs. Oct. 21, Randolph … Continue reading

Mindfulness: the solution to endless to-do lists

Work. Sleep. Repeat. It’s a never ending cycle that needs to be stopped. I’ll admit it. I’m a workaholic. I spend most of the week doing two things: working and thinking about what to work on next. I primarily credit my workaholic mentality to my fear of being viewed as a “slacker;” however, I think … Continue reading

When life gives you lemons

Do you know the saying, “If life gives you lemons … make lemonade?” Well, what if you don’t want to make lemonade? What if you rather enjoy pure pristine water? What if you want to avoid the lemons altogether? That’s how I felt about the direction my life was going my freshman year of college. … Continue reading

Cancel culture or accountability?

Earlier this month a peer of mine was called out on Twitter for racist, white supremacist statements made in his biography on Twitter. This was the result of a contentious episode of a student-run political talk show on-campus, The Waynesburg Effect, that was removed from viewing after going semi-viral amongst alumni and current students in … Continue reading