Why a Stanley?

Stanley cups have grown in popularity within the past two years. This kind of “craze” has been a prime influence from a 40-ounce water bottle with a straw. But, why is a 110-year-old brand all of a sudden regaining publicity and popularity?  I believe the whole water bottle phase started with the HydroFlask and now … Continue reading

Editors Note

Quotation marks were excluded for all of the films mentioned in the ‘Oscar Nominations are in!’ Op-Ed that was published on Jan. 29, 2024.

Oscar Nominations are in!

January 23rd at 8:30am, the Academy Award nominations were released for categories like Best Director, Best Actor and Actress, Best Animated Feature and Best Picture. So, let’s recap the snubs, shocks and not surprising nominations about this year’s Oscar nominations! After this past summer’s internet sensation of “Barbenhimer,” many believed that both films would score … Continue reading

Pass me the turkey

Thanksgiving break, only the best time of the year. Great home cooked meals, time with your family, football, and not a single worry in the world. I believe it is the most peaceful, and relaxing break of the entire school year.  Peaceful is the best word to describe what is the single best holiday of … Continue reading