Can Money Buy Happiness?

Wow, what a loaded question. It’s a typical conversation starter amongst friends, but when really taken into deep thought, this is a fantastic question to digest. Here is my quick answer: Money buys you PLEASURE, not happiness.  Let me explain. Now I completely understand why people post on social media “Unpopular opinion: Money CAN buy … Continue reading

Is the news good or bad?

In recent years, the ways of consuming entertainment have changed drastically. We see more and more households cutting the cord on cable television to subscribe strictly to streaming services. Television news has taken an enormous hit, driving viewers to ask a ringing question… Is news still needed?  You might think, “Well, I don’t watch television … Continue reading

Dr. Lawrence Stratton remembers Chancellor Thyreen

Chancellor Timothy R. Thyreen was a passionate educator whose educational vision for an academic institution predicated upon the grace and truth of Jesus Christ was inspiring. Just as Old Testament Judean King Josiah rediscovered the scrolls and rebuilt Jerusalem, President Thyreen rebuilt Waynesburg University on its founding Christian mission.  The Stover Scholars cherished his annual … Continue reading