Senior’s heroics keep Waynesburg’s playoff hopes alive

Late goal by Teagan Jenner difference in 1-0 win over Geneva

Waynesburg kept its faint postseason hopes alive for post season with a tight 1-0 over Geneva Tuesday night at John F. Wiley Stadium.

The Jackets were in do or die mode against the Golden Tornadoes.  If Waynesburg lost, its season would have been indefinitely over.

Fortunately for the Jackets, senior captain, Teagan Jenner, overcame many obstacles to help her team find victory.

The Jackets controlled possession in the first half with their strong midfield. They found ways to penetrate Geneva’s defense by attacking the right wing with sophomoreMegan Briski in many open runs. This led to a lot of crosses and shots, but none found the inside of the net.

“We were really able to play the midfield in the first half which really helped us to tire them out a little bit,” coach Laura Heethuis said.

The midfield suffered a big blow, however, when Jenner went down in the first half with an apparent wrist injury. Jenner was the orchestrator of many offensive pushes early in the game. It was unclear if she would be able to return to play in the second half.

“She [Jenner] did a really good job connecting the midfield.” Heethuis said.

Jenner didn’t have any doubts about the rest of the team while sitting out with her wrist injury. Even with her return being questionable.

“We can do it as a team,” Jenner said. “We’ve been working all year for it collectively.”  

In the beginning of the second half, Geneva made the game exciting with some outbreaks that challenged the Jacket defenders. With Jenner out of the picture, The Jackets struggled to control possession in the midfield as well as they had in the first 45 minutes. 

With the game looking unsteady in the second half for the Jackets, Jenner returned the to the game just in time. Jenner re-entered the game with a taped wrist in the middle of the second half.

“We were able to string some passes back together once Teagan got in to take control of that.” Heethuis said.

The 83rd minute of the game found the Jackets pushing through Geneva’s defense to get fouled near the goal. This led to a penalty kick which Jenner took and scored off of to win the game for Waynesburg.

“I’ve been in that position a number of times before, so for me it wasn’t any more pressure than [it normally is].” Jenner said.

Waynesburg has a chance to make it to the postseason if Chatham loses to Bethany this Saturday.

Whether this was the Jackets last game or not Heethuis described the Waynesburg Jackets fighting season in one word, “Resilient.”