Waynesburg Unievrsity hosts business & career fair

On Wednesday, Nov. 8, Waynesburg University held its business and career fair where students got the chance to meet with businesses and create connections to help them in their future life after college.

“We had 21 employers here, so it was mainly for business students but it is also for communications students and computer science students,” event organizer Sam Pete said. “So these employers are looking to hire students in those areas either for internships or for job opportunities.”

For some students, they found a number of tables and businesses that caught their eye, but for others, such as Adam Gill, one table in particular piqued his interest.

“Well first I talked to the FBI because they are looking for positions in my major, which is computer science,” Gill said. “The FBI was pretty nice, they offered me options to apply online and they said they’d take my application as far as they can so I’m looking forward to hearing back from them.”

John Dowling, recruiting officer for the Army ROTC, laid out some of the qualities not only he was looking for in students who attended the career fair, but some qualities and traits other businesses may be looking for as well.

“I typically come to events on campus to seek students who have the interest, the background, and the desire to become army officers,”  Dowling said. “Leadership is an important part of business, and today at the career fair I am looking for some students that might want to partake in Army ROTC while seeking a business degree here at Waynesburg.”

And for businesses like Northwestern Mutual, Waynesburg has become a hub of reliable students to give internship and job opportunities to.

“So I have been with Northwestern Mutual for 10 years, and I’ve been coming to Waynesburg quite a bit to hire students,”  Northwestern Mutual Representative Bethany Kirkwood said. “So over the course of my eight years in the position of hiring, I’ve found a lot of really great students at Waynesburg who have come through our internship, found full time positions, so it’s been a really great experience coming to the campus.”

The University emphasizes that their students who attended the event can come away with valuable connections to get them ready for their careers following their time at Waynesburg.