Waynesburg University SAB hosts bisque and brew

On Saturday Oct. 3 in the Beehive, the Student Activities Board (SAB) held its first Bisque and Brew of the year. The Bisque and Brew is intended to be a fun and relaxing way for students to hang out with friends if they are staying on campus for the weekend. 

The event has two distinct parts: coffee and painting. Students who attend are given free Starbucks gift cards they can use to buy refreshments in Stover. While some students get coffee, Starbucks offers other options such as hot chocolate. After students get their drinks, they get a little ceramic or “bisque” that they can paint. 

To celebrate the month of October, the ceramics were themed around Halloween by portraying witches and pumpkins. After the students finished painting their ceramic, a gloss is put on it to finish the piece. 

A lot of changes have been implemented to make the event work under COVID-19 restrictions. Joshua Gurtner, a resident assistant in Thayer Hall and member of SAB, talked about how safety was top priority.

“It is a very big deal for us to make sure that all of the people that come to our events are safe and that they come home having fun,” Gurtner said.

Due to a commitment to safety, many WU events have been done virtually. However, the Bisque and Brew was not.

“There was a point past where we could start holding events in person, and the Bisque and Brew was past that point of Oct. 1,” Gurtner said. “Despite the event being held in person, all CDC guidelines were followed. All of the tables that students painted at were properly distanced, and everyone in attendance wore face coverings.” 

Naturally, the social distancing restrictions made certain parts of the planning process harder than in previous years, but SAB was able to create a safe environment after “months in the planning” according to Gurtner. 

In years prior, the Bisque and Brew has been a popular event, according to Gurtner. 

“The Bisque and Brew, coffee houses, and Bingo are among Waynesburg’s most popular events that the SAB plans,” Gurtner said. “Even though being social at this event was not as easy as it has been in previous years, students were still able to socialize safely.” 

Seth Fischer, a freshman who has never attended the Bisque and Brew before, still said that his favorite part of the event was “being with friends and talking.” 

When asked his overall thoughts on the event, Fischer said, “I would definitely do it again.”