What makes the right to vote so important?

The right to vote in America has been complicated since its inception. When voting was first established, it was typically white, male, land owners who voted. From there, it shifted to solely white males. As time has gone by, the majority of America is given the right to vote once you are 18 years old. Voting has become very important to American society. Though, many today do not vote because of the inexperience they have and how some don’t want to make a “wrong decision.”

To better understand the reasoning and importance of voting, I was given the pleasure to sit down with two election judges who asked to stay anonymous. They have worked within the government workings of voting for many years and have many multiple different relations in the government, going all the way up to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice John Roberts. When asked about the weight and importance their singular vote has to them and in the general scheme of politics, the responses were anything but negative. 

“We elect our leaders which distinguishes us from dictatorships or totalitarian governments which are free to disregard the rights of their citizens.” The power to keep people in office or take them out gives us a sense of purpose in America. The vote helps us to create reform and make the lives of us citizens better for life in America. 

“Voting is important to us and our normal lives, as our careers are based on local government and voting can determine our futures. Voting makes one feel like a participant within the political process rather than an observer,”  the election judges said. The line about their livelihood also puts into perspective the number of lives that can be changed after an election. Whether a primary or a general election period, it is always important to cast your vote to make your voice heard and make a change, if needed, in the country, but to also remember to not bash and defame candidates, for this is their livelihood.

Many people today are concerned about multiple  topics that a lot of politicians and service persons have different views on. One party might support two topics you are concerned about, but then deny support for another topic you have concerns over. The process of elections can be tricky and confusing for many. A nice thing to note is that we are all going through the same process. Some citizens only vote by party because it is what they like or it is simply easier for them. Others enjoy the process of research and development on who is the better candidate overall. There are many different tools and resources out there to continue research for yourself and others; it is all a matter of taking the time and putting dedication into it.

As the year continues to roll on from 2023 into 2024, the advertisement for your local, state and national wide politicians will begin to get heavier and heavier, leading all the way to Election Day next November where either President Biden will win re-election or we will have a 47th President of the United States. This time around, maybe take a closer look into voting, the process, the history and the impact you are making to this wonderful country. For more on registration and consideration, please visit “vote.gov”.