Annual ’50s Fest creates memories for locals and more

Editor’s Note: Some of these photographs have been enhanced before publication.

Last month, Waynesburg Prosperous and Beautiful hosted its 19th annual ‘50s Fest and Car Cruise. The show attracts local attention each year, as cars line the streets of Waynesburg for the event. 

Doug Wilson, professor of communication at Waynesburg University and on-air talent for WANB radio, is the M.C. for the event each year. JoAnne Marshall, director of Greene County Tourist Promotion Agency, coordinates with Waynesburg Prosperous and Beautiful for the event. Both provided their insight on the event and its importance to the community.

Photo courtesy of Ben Champ


“I was actually there when the event was first conceived as a way to draw people downtown to enjoy all that Waynesburg Borough has to offer,” Wilson said.

Photo courtesy of Rachel Redinger, David Maset Auburn Roadster


“There is a couple from Masontown that has been to nearly every ‘50s Fest since it started. They have a pink Mustang,” Wilson said. “I have literally watched them go from being a couple that was dating, to a married couple, to a couple with a pair of kids.”

Photo courtesy of Rachel Redinger


“There is a woman who showed up at ‘50s Fest one year and came to introduce herself to me,” Wilson said. “She was from England, in America, on vacation and was just enthralled with all of the vintage and classic cars.”

Photo courtesy of Ben Champ, Teri Garcia 1967 Ford Mustang


“While she doesn’t come to America every year, when she does come to America to visit, she tries to plan her vacation to coincide with ‘50s Fest,” Wilson said.

Photo courtesy of Rachel Redinger


“Specifically this year, we have helped our organizations navigate through the recommendations and restrictions for the safety of our community, visitors and volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Marshall said.

Photo curtesy of Rachel Redinger, Michael Alexander 1966 Chevy Corvette

“My favorite memories of ‘50’s Fest & Car Cruise is to see the attendees, volunteers and spectators greet each other like old friends, even if they are strangers,” Marshall said. “It is a welcoming atmosphere and an opportunity to enjoy the downtown Waynesburg area, stroll into the small businesses along High Street, enjoy good food, and spend the day listening to oldies music outside.”