Chamber Orchestra holds its concert Friday

Friday night was alive with sound as the Chamber Orchestra concert performed, “Water Music.” With 14 musical personnel and seven songs, the orchestra pulled it all together for their musical display under the direction of Professor Sara Beattie.

“This year has been a little bit tougher feeling like we’re ready for the concert,” Beattie said. “But the concert is still going to be awesome.”

The concert featured music from a variety of genres from more contemporary pieces such as “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Hawaii Five-O.” Beattie also added to the repertoire a famous suite from Baroque composer George Frideric Handel ironically titled “Water Music,” which was conducted by newly-hired Columbian-born percussion instructor Camilo Jauregui.

Lachlan Loudon, The Yellow Jacket

“I like to go with a theme because it seems to appeal to people better,” Beattie said. “[Handel] had the orchestra on a barge on the river and, as it went down the river, [the orchestra] would play for the king.”

The fourth song in the program was Paul Simon’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” played as a duet by the concertmaster, violinist and music scholar Alexandra Morar, and principal cellist James Morris.

“She’s in everything we do that is violin [Morar],” music instructor and conductor Dr. Ronda DePriest said during the concert.

Morar was among six violinists in the orchestra, including university student Morgan McNab, Fine Arts Academy student Logan Campbell and community members Sandra Morales and Shaun Hancher.

“[Water Music] gives a unifying element to everything that we’re playing,” Beattie said. “We can look at different genres like, ‘Hawaii Five-O,’ a theme song for a TV show, ‘Beyond the Sea,’ an old big-band, jazzy song, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is a movie soundtrack.”

In regards to playing Hans Zimmer’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” as their finale, Beattie says that modern movie soundtracks are, “very professional, high level compositions” and even goes as far to rank those of the likes of John Williams and Hans Zimmer as “classical composers.”

Music is life. The more I work in the music field, the more I realize that music should be an integral part of every human being’s life.”

Sara Beattie, Director

As the concert’s finale of “Dead Man’s Chest” hit its final note, DePriest gave the floor to theater professor Eddie Powers to formally announce the title of the spring musical, “Pippin,” that will be coming to the Goodwin Performing Arts Center stage March 25-28, 2020.