Community Spotlight: In Motion Dance + Fitness

In Motion Dance + Fitness is a local dance studio located on W. High Street in Waynesburg. The studio, founded and currently operated by Dolly Theockmorton, has been running her business for 11 years. Classes offered by the studio include: ballet, acro, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, tap and wee dance for toddlers. 

Those who range from the age of 3-18 are encouraged to participate. In addition, In Motion Dance + Fitness has incorporated adult dance classes and welcome college students to take dance classes at a discounted price.

Theockmorton taught dance and fitness locally for other businesses prior to open her own. As for experience, Theockmorton has enjoyed dancing from the age of five until she turned 22. In college, she minored in dancing and maintained a degree in finance. To this day, Theockmorton continues to stay active and master new skills. “I continue to take workshops and classes whenever I can. Currently, I am working on my 200 hours of yoga certification and will finish that this year,” Theockmorton said.

Dancing is utilized as a way to express oneself and to stay in great shape.  “I love any style of dance and exercise pretty much, and my students inspire me to work harder as they get better and stronger. It’s very rewarding when you see a student give their all at a performance,” Theockmorton said. “When they continue dance in college as a major, minor, or just recreationally, it’s nice to know they love it too.”

Jazz and technique are Theockmorton’s preferred styles to teach. Her interest in working as a dance instructor was sparked by performing and teaching her entire life. She and her husband sold a business they owned for 20 years to start anew. That is when she had time to devote to her own studio.

Depending on the week and the day, there are anywhere from one to four classes a day and three nights per week. With a busy schedule, Saturdays are often loaded with action. 

“I usually spend mornings working on paperwork, costume orders, scheduling, choreography, event planning, recital planning, etc. Then head to the studio mid-afternoon. I do this four days a week. So, it gets pretty busy. Other days it is not as crazy,” she said. 

To Theockmorton, being involved means being there for her customers as much as possible. She tries her hardest to return messages as quickly as possible and monitors what other teachers are working on. If they need assistance with music, choreography, student issues and more, she is always there to lend a helping hand. With all her responsibilities in mind, she also commits to being an active role model in teaching all age levels as much as she can physically handle.

Theockmorton is aware that not every student, or any student for that matter, will choose to turn dancing into their own career. 

“My goal is to pass on hard work, organization, commitment, creativity, responsibility and positive values to my students. If they choose to dance as a career, great, but I at least want them to be equipped with the best life skills I can share so that they are not afraid to pursue their dreams,” Theockmorton said.