Festive Fall Vendor Show returns on Saturday

As the weather turns cooler with leaves array, some might start to think of the holidays, which means one thing for most—a rest. Many holiday homemade treats and trinkets will be on display Saturday, Nov. 9, at the Fall Vendor Show at Greene County’s EQT Recreation Center. 

The festival is the fourth of its kind in the two years the EQT Rec Center has been open in Waynesburg. Amy Tustin, youth programming manager, believes the vendor shows may have just taken on a life of their own as they continue to grow. 

“It’s our fourth show. We have one in the fall and one in the spring,” Tustin said. “This is year two that we’ve been open, and we have the room for it. [It] started it the first year we opened, and it was a success. It gets bigger and bigger every time I have it.” 

The show will feature over 60 vendors this fall from various locations in the tri-state area. This number is almost 20 more vendors since the spring 2018 showcase. 

“Our last vendor show we had 43 vendors, so we have about 20, and I expect to get some more in the next week,” Tustin said. “This one is definitely our biggest [yet].”

Tustin is proud of the festival for its uniqueness, stating that a lot of the items for purchase are homemade or handcrafted.

“[We] have [things] from cake pops to jewelry, crafts, nail polish, you name it,” Tustin said. “I like the Christmas shop. I work it and go around. They have such neat little gifts you can’t find at regular shops, and a lot of them are homemade; homemade treats and things like that. It’s different than going to the store because a lot of stuff is hand made.”

In addition to events like these, the center is growing its other programming, with new sports programs like tumbling classes joining the already jam-packed sports calendar which is highlighted with wrestling tournaments and basketball leagues. 

The center has also placed a focus on education, holding after-school programs and pondering the idea of adding preschool age classes. Tustin said it’s the growth of the center’s programming that keeps everyone energetic to do more.

“We have community events, a free event at Christmas and Easter,” Tustin said. “We have after school programs. It’s never-ending.” 

For now, the staff will work to prepare for the Nov. 9 showcase, which will be open to the public, free of charge. 

Concessions will be open throughout the day for food and beverage purchases, and the event will run from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.

For more information on other EQT Recreation Center events or to register for the Fall Vendor Show as a vendor, visit www.eqtreccenter.org or reach the center by calling 724-627-2739.