SAB hosts ‘Back to the 80’s’-themed dance

The Waynesburg University Student Activities Board, in a never-ending search for new, creative ideas to get students out of the dorms and interacting with one and other looked to the past last weekend. SAB hosted its first 1980s themed dance in the Beehive this past Saturday. Senior nursing major Julie Sipes,  credited the dance to the success of a freshman orientation event.

“The motivation behind the dance itself was just thinking back to the freshman WUau,” Sipes said. “People had a lot of fun with that so we wanted to do another dance in the Beehive.”

Sipes believes the ‘80’s were a time period many students’ parents have fond memories of, and that ’s coming back into the forefront of popular culture.

“During the SAB meeting we were asking for people to come up with ideas and a lot of people are really going back to the ‘80s, I think, today,” Sipes said. “They are really liking the songs and the style so people thought the idea of that would be fun. To have the music and have different ‘80s food and to be able to dress up like it’s the 80s.”

The event had various 80s themed food such as popcorn chicken and ice cream floats. 80s decorations and a DJ with a light show as well as top 80s hits made created the atmosphere, with a photo booth for those who wanted photos.

Sipes hoped the dance would provide a relaxing atmosphere for students to come together and enjoy themselves.

“This year (for the WUau) it was super packed in the Beehive and everyone was having a ton of fun,” she said. “People loved it and it was a good place for them to meet new people and have fun with old friends. The goal for this dance is definitely to get that same type of crowd together, people that just want to go have fun and dance.”

Another senior nursing major, Mary Beth Cocchi, is the president of SAB.  president of SAB, believes the event accomplished that despite being the first of its kind on campus.

“The event was overall a success,” Cocchi said. “While the attendance could have been a little higher, this weekend a lot of people seemed to go home. The theme was new for SAB and innovative.”

Sophomore music ministry major Dorissa Large attended the event and saw it as a great way for students to unwind from hard work.

“The 80’s dance was a lot of fun hanging out on a Saturday night, having a break from work and just being with friends,” Large said. “As Ecclesiastes says, there is a time to mourn, in this case over homework, but there is also a time to dance.”

Cocchi believes the theme worked well for the event and student response was positive.

“People really embraced the 80’s vibe and we saw a lot of fun outfits and hairdos. I love seeing students engaging in an event that we do,” Cocchi said. “Those who attended seem to enjoy the music and the overall theme. This is definitely something we may do again in the future.”