Bring on the ‘Kandy’

Local businesses ready for Valentine's Day festivities

“Valentine’s Day is kind of like our Christmas,” said the owner of Five Kidz Kandy Kristy Vliet.  Five Kidz Kandy has remained a local candy store for several years. Each year, their favorite holiday to celebrate is Valentine’s Day.  Why? The candy.  Candy has been one of the biggest selling points for this romantic holiday … Continue reading

CTC focuses on preparing children for the workforce

Trystan Weir, 2015 alumnus of Greene County Career and Technology Center and Jefferson High School, knew the college path was not for him.  Weir wanted to help people and make an impact on their lives, but the path he wanted to pursue required a technical education rather than the traditional four-year college degree. His dream … Continue reading

Yearly recreation grant available to municipalities

For the last six years, the Greene County Department of Recreation has offered yearly grants for municipalities to update or create areas of recreation for youth in the county. In a document explaining the grant and the criteria for attaining one, officials in the department stated they believe the recreational areas improved by this grant … Continue reading

A romantic escape

Local library holds Valentine's Day escape room for couples and friends

The Eva K. Bowlby Public Library is hosting an escape room on Friday, Feb. 14, with start times at 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. The cost is $15 per person or $25 for a couple. The event is open to people ages 16 and up. The deadline for registration was Feb. 7. Although … Continue reading

Politicians respond to prison violence

Bill pertaining to corrections officers unanimously passes the Pennsylvania House

In July 2019, Keith Burley of New Castle, Pennsylvania violently stabbed an 8-year-old child to death as the victim’s brother watched in horror. Burley was recently given parole before the homicide took place. While behind bars, Burley was known for having terrible behavior while incarcerated among corrections officers. This did not matter, according to Nate … Continue reading

New-look Greene County Board of Commissioners focusing on unity

Challenging republicans Mike Belding and Betsy McClure both received more than 28% of the county vote, and incumbent democrat Blair Zimmerman received 22.6% to round out the new board of commissioners, according to With the 2020 Presidential Election quickly approaching, the board wants to focus on promoting unity and putting the people of Greene … Continue reading

Digital marketing class to be offered through PA CareerLink

A local educational opportunity from a practicing professional is available to those who wish to attend Soup’s Marketing’s Digital Marketing Essentials Seminar Series. Coordinating with PA CareerLink in Greene County, Petrina Supler, founder of Soup’s Marketing, will be hosting her event at the PA CareerLink office located in the Greene Plaza.  Supler stresses the value … Continue reading