Politicians respond to prison violence

Bill pertaining to corrections officers unanimously passes the Pennsylvania House

In July 2019, Keith Burley of New Castle, Pennsylvania violently stabbed an 8-year-old child to death as the victim’s brother watched in horror. Burley was recently given parole before the homicide took place. While behind bars, Burley was known for having terrible behavior while incarcerated among corrections officers. This did not matter, according to Nate … Continue reading

New-look Greene County Board of Commissioners focusing on unity

Challenging republicans Mike Belding and Betsy McClure both received more than 28% of the county vote, and incumbent democrat Blair Zimmerman received 22.6% to round out the new board of commissioners, according to greene.pa.us. With the 2020 Presidential Election quickly approaching, the board wants to focus on promoting unity and putting the people of Greene … Continue reading

Digital marketing class to be offered through PA CareerLink

A local educational opportunity from a practicing professional is available to those who wish to attend Soup’s Marketing’s Digital Marketing Essentials Seminar Series. Coordinating with PA CareerLink in Greene County, Petrina Supler, founder of Soup’s Marketing, will be hosting her event at the PA CareerLink office located in the Greene Plaza.  Supler stresses the value … Continue reading

Puzzle pandemonium

Eva K. Bowlby Library holding a puzzle contest this month

From 12:30-3:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 15, Eva K. Bowlby Library will be hosting a puzzle contest open to anyone in the community 15 years of age or older. With a three-hour time-constraint, competitors in teams of two will be expected to complete a 500-piece puzzle. If someone registers as an individual contestant, they will be … Continue reading

Spring is here?

Warming temperatures Monday show Punxsutawney Phil might be right

While temperatures were soaring in the mid-fifties in Waynesburg on Sunday, winter winds and a generous layer of snow coated the weather capital of the world as a record breaking crowd gathered to witness in anticipation the prediction of the year. Just after 7:25 a.m., Punxsutawney Phil emerged from his stump at Gobbler’s Knob with … Continue reading

Mission House will discontinue service in March

Mission House on 146 W. Franklin St. is set to be officially out of commission come March. The home has served as a place of transitional housing for the homeless in the Greene County area for the last few years. Janice Gottschalk, owner of the Mission House, listed the house for sale before December, but … Continue reading

West Greene plans facilities updates

In an initiative to prepare students to be productive citizens, West Greene School District has announced it will be renovating its vocational agriculture and STEAM facilities. In a press release from the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Governor Wolf reported 71% of jobs in Pennsylvania require a background update in computers and new technologies. After looking … Continue reading

Parking is ‘an absolute problem’

Waynesburg borough and university have no more solutions for more parking

Waynesburg residents want more of it. Downtown businesses want more of it. Waynesburg University members want more of it.  “People get upset about parking probably more so than they do over us arresting them for different stuff,” Waynesburg Police Chief Tom Ankrom said. “Most of our complaints if we are going to have them at … Continue reading

Lecture series hosting Rich Condon

Since last year, the Greene County Historical Society has held a lecture series titled, “A Drop of History,” for people in and around the community. Since their first lecture in the series in April of last year, attendance has grown for the monthly events. Their next lecture in the series is at 7 p.m. on … Continue reading