Shank reflects on time at Waynesburg

Becky Shank, a senior psychology major, visited Waynesburg University for an overnight stay during her senior year of high school. She stayed with “some really awesome godly students” who showed her what the community at the university was like.

“It just felt very homey compared to all the other colleges I was visiting,” Shank said.

After attending, she wanted to stay at Waynesburg because of the atmosphere with students, professors, and the ministry.

“I just felt like I was growing in all the areas that I wanted to grow in as a person and as a Christian,” she said. “I really like being here,” Shank said.

Shank grew up in the faith, but she focused more on biblical knowledge than a relationship with God until she was a teenager and recommitted her life to Christ when she was 13.

When she came to Waynesburg, she met friends and professors who challenged her to consider her beliefs on a deeper level.

In her spring semester of her sophomore year of college, she joined the worship team for Upper Room, a student-led worship service held on Sunday evenings in Roberts Chapel.

“Worship has always been something that has been a big part of my faith growth,” Shank said. “Worship was what I needed to start my week on the right note.”

Her first night of Upper Room as a team member was “unreal” and “beautiful.” She felt “very humbled.” She said, “it’s so fun” to be part of the upper room team.

“Everyone is so gifted and just ultimately so on fire for God… This is the body of Christ in action, and being able to see the different abilities that people have, the different personalities that people have, and how that comes together to form a ministry is so fun,” Shank said.

She sees that God is at work through Upper Room, not necessarily because of the lights or the music, but rather the message being shared.

“I’ve loved the opportunity to just really connect with individuals on a very personal level,” Shank said. “It’s a really cool ministry opportunity.”

When leading Upper Room does not always seem “fruitful” to her, Shank questions her calling to this ministry. In those moments, she is reminded that being involved in ministry is not easy.

“It’s definitely a good humbling moment too, where the Lord reminds me that it’s not about what I do,” Shank said. “It’s about what He’s doing.”

She shared her testimony at Upper Room in December of 2022. She rewrote half of her story the morning of because she felt called to be more open and vulnerable about various parts of her testimony.

“It was really cool to reflect on how far God brought me and what He brought me through,” Shank said.

After graduation, she plans to work in autism support with children, and eventually she hopes to attend graduate school. Her long-term goal is to be a counselor for children in a way that shares God’s love.