Campus events return as new semester begins

Photo by Abigail Phillips

As the new semester progresses, so do the classic Student Activities Board events. On Monday, the SAB hosted musician Matt Sky during one of their regular Coffee House events. Graduate Assistant Megan McElligott stated what coffeehouse was all about.

“A lot of times we have out-of-state or local bands that come in and they will perform for our students,” said  McElligott. “We also have a lot of beverages here for students such as coffee, teas, hot chocolate, and we also have a bunch of cookies and snacks for them.” 

Students also enjoyed the event as well. Senior student Michaelena Hammond expressed her enjoyment of the event.

“I love coming to the coffee houses on campus,” Hammond said. “They usually give away some pretty cool mugs and it’s just a fun time to hang with your friends and drink some coffee.”

McElligott also expressed her excitement about the event.

“It’s really nice to just have all the students come together and enjoy some coffee and some music,” said McElligott. 

She also identified her favorite coffee to have during the event.

“Always the hot or iced coffee with either the caramel macchiato, caramel, or cinnamon swirl creamers.”

Photo by Abigail Phillips

On Thursday the University hosted a Service fair in Johnson Commons.

“This is our annual service fair. We usually do it twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring,” Adrianne Tharp, director of the Center for Service Leadership, said. “Is a great opportunity for students to sign up for service.”

Tharp also explained how they receive people from all around the tri-state area to participate in giving students service opportunities.

“We have 13 service sites. Some of them we haven’t partnered with before, so that’s really exciting,” Tharp said. “They’re from all over Greene County, Pittsburgh, and Fairmont, West Virginia.”

Some of the service opportunities that have come to the event include the Bowlby Library, The Unity Trail, On Eagles Wings, and South Western Veterans Center.

“We have nice representation,” continues Tharp. “But we’re here to just kind of recruit some students and get students to sign up and volunteer with them.”