Senior class meeting soon to begin

Seniors from the graduating class of 2024 are encouraged to attend the senior class meeting at the Goodwin Performing Arts Center today, April 17. 

According to Assistant Dean of Student Development, Adrienne Tharp, the event will begin at 3 p.m., and will be followed by a reception in Johnson Commons. 

Tharp explained that the senior meeting is an opportunity for seniors to get more details about commencement. All of the information being covered at the event is available on the Waynesburg University website, at, according to Tharp. 

Tharp said that at the meeting, she would be taking the time to answer any questions that the seniors have. In addition to that, representatives from the Alumni Office will say a few words and announce what the senior gift is. After this, President Lee will speak to the seniors as well. 

Though the event is not mandatory, students are, in Tharp’s words, “Strongly encouraged to attend.” 

The reception will be hosted by Assistant Dean of Students Pat Bristor’s office, which coordinates special events on campus. 

Regarding the reception, Bristor said she began hosting the event as an opportunity for graduating seniors to connect with faculty and staff for a reception to say their goodbyes, before commencement.  

“Commencement Day is a busy day and you have family and friends, so often you don’t get to see everyone you want to say goodbye to, so it’s just an opportunity for them [the students] to say thank you,” Bristor said. 

Snacks and refreshments will be provided according to Bristor, as well as a table of blank greeting cards.  

“I encourage students to write letters to their faculty or staff members, kind of sharing how much they’ve impacted them, and then I distribute them,” Bristor said. 

Bristor explained this event matters to her because, “This is a good way for me personally to say goodbye, and it’s tough. I’ve been here for 30 years to see these students come in as freshmen and watch them grow over four years, and you really become attached to them, and you feel like they’ve become part of you and your children, so it’s really an emotional time for a lot of us.” 

The reception will begin as soon as the senior meeting is over. Should the weather be inclement, the meeting will be moved to the conference room on the third floor of the Campus Stover Center.