Student activity board hosts coloring event

Video courtesy of WCTV
Graphic courtesy of Lisa Colcombe

Every year, Waynesburg University holds a “Day of Giving” to help fundraise for the different academic departments and athletic teams. In order to draw awareness for this event, on November 5th from noon-3 p.m., the university held a coloring event. Students were able to go to the Beehive, choose a Waynesburg-themed picture to color, then write their name on the back for the chance to win a prize. The winners will also have their work displayed during the Day of Giving. Participants also had to wear gloves and masks, which followed CDC guidelines.

While coloring, students could eat food from the Beehive or have a drink from the nearby Starbucks. The time window allowed students to participate at a time that was convenient for them. The Student Activities Board (SAB) helped plan this event. SAB tends to plan events in the same manner every time.

“Oftentimes someone, either in the club or outside of the club, will present an idea to the Executive Board,” Josh Gurtner, a junior who is currently a member of the SAB, said. 

From there, the board votes on whether or not to follow through with the idea. If the idea gets the majority vote, it is passed on to one of the four SAB planning committees: Athletic Fun and Fitness, Common Happenings, Musical Entertainments or Arts and Culture.

Once that is decided, a date is chosen for the event, and a budget is created. Events are planned far in advance to account for anything that may come up. While the coloring event was smaller when compared to something like the monthly SAB event, Bisque and Brew, it still required careful planning to happen. The event’s primary purpose was to raise awareness for the Day of Giving on Nov. 12. 

“The Day of Giving is one big fundraiser, and all of the departments are competing,” Gurtner saidAll of the departments at Waynesburg create their own small fundraiser, then compete amongst themselves to see which one can raise the most money. All money earned by a specific department is kept by that department. This event raises a lot of money for the school and draws awareness to the university. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all parts of the Day of Giving will be sure to stay within the CDC’s recommendations. 

All events here are held in a smart, safe way,” Gurtner said.

These events are held to boost student morale at the end of a long semester, while also encouraging them to stay at Waynesburg in order to slow the spread of the virus.