Waynesburg University Department of Communications hires new student staff

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Waynesburg University’s campus television station, radio station and newspaper will each be under new student leadership next school year.

Riley Holsinger will be the general manager of the TV station, WCTV. Holsinger spent this school year in the assistant general manager position.

“I wanted to see WCTV become something greater than it currently is at the moment,” Holsinger said about why he took the step up. “The biggest goal for me is to get WCTV on the map. Not just on the map but being one of the best collegiate television stations in the country that can go up there and compete with Syracuse and Arizona State,” Holsinger said.

Holsinger said Waynesburg could rival those much larger universities through hard work and because of the students involved. 

“I truly believe in all the talent here at WCTV. We have a really, really talented group of students,” Holsinger said.

WCYJ-FM, the campus radio station, will be led by new student general manager Gwyneth Napier. She held the position of music producer for the station this school year.

“I just love working with radio and doing everything radio. I love that you can show your own personality and it’s not all about face or how you look, it’s about your voice,” Napier said.

Napier said one of her goals is to broadcast the radio station over the speakers in the BeeHive to give students something to listen to while they wait for food or eat. 

“Students can get more of an idea of what the radio station does,” Napier said. “That way if they would want to get involved, they could.”

Napier said she would also like to add a telephone to the radio studio to allow listeners to make song requests and add the link of the radio station to the Waynesburg University home page to allow prospective students to listen and get a better understanding of what the radio station does.

And for the campus newspaper, The Yellow Jacket, Rachel Pellegrino has been named the new executive editor.

Pellegrino said she has been involved with the newspaper since she came to Waynesburg University and has held multiple positions. 

“I’ve kind of just seen the staff and the newspaper just grow in the past years, so I kind of just wanted to be able to leave my own legacy,” Pellegrino said. “Probably my biggest goal is to update the Yellow Jacket website.”

Pellegrino said the website is outdated and updating it will be important with no print version of the paper.

“We just want to keep the Waynesburg University community informed about what’s going on at the university and also in the region,” Pellegrino said. 

All three mentioned the importance of convergence and working with one another.

“By working together, we’re producing even better content than we would be by ourselves,” Pellegrino said. “A lot of newspapers and other like forms of media right now are doing convergence stuff, so we just have to keep up to date with what’s going on outside the university.”

Napier said, “When people have to do their newscasts, I think it would be a good idea to go to The Yellow Jacket and figure out what stories they would like to be read,” as opposed to getting campus and local news from other sources. She said the same idea applies to WCTV.

Holsinger said, “The biggest thing for me is fostering a lot of convergence and connections throughout not only Waynesburg University but the town of Waynesburg too.”