NFL Quarterback talks to Waynesburg Athletes

Soccer and Football teams listen and learn underdog QB's life experience

During these crazy times, it allows us to think of creative things to do. The Waynesburg University soccer teams and football team did just that one week before classes started.

They were able to talk to an NFL quarterback. That quarterback was Kirk Cousins, who plays for the Minnesota Vikings. They were able to get in contact with Cousins because Laura and Brad Heethuis, who both coach the soccer teams, knew him from when they all went to Michigan State University. Senior soccer player Daniel Hott says that Cousins just gave them his life story.  

“He touched on his faith, which I enjoyed. I really appreciate that,” Hott said. 

“You don’t think of athletes, the people you look up to being into that kind of stuff, you’re more focused on the sports side of everything. He just gave his story and how he got from where he was to where he is now.” 

Head football coach Chris Smithley wanted to take advantage of an opportunity for his players to be able to talk to a professional athlete. What Smithley wanted his players to get the most out of this unique opportunity is listening to his experiences. 

“I think it was just experiencing the things that he had gone through,” Smithley said. 

“The way that his faith and his background had drastically affected his path to where he is today. I think those are all great things for our guys to hear and to listen to as they are pursuing their dreams and their aspirations.” 

Cousins had an impactful message for Hott that will give him another outlook on life.  

“One of the things he talked about was taking a day off, to just kind of sit back and relax, enjoy your time,” Hott said. 

“One day a month he takes a day off just to kind of sit back, reflect and just enjoy his life and where he’s at. I think that’s important to me because I think we get caught up in life and just going through the everyday things.” 

Smithley liked how unique Cousin’s story is. Smithley claims that Cousins had to work hard for everything.  

“It was pretty special just how he overcame adversity. He said he was never the biggest, the fastest, the strongest but he stayed the course,” Smithley said. 

“He put his work in and he believed and his family supported him. It allowed opportunities to present themselves. Which has gotten him into a role in the NFL as not just a regular guy, but as a leader and a captain. I think that is what was really special about Kirk’s story.