Creative Writing Group helps improve student writing

The Creative Writing Group is a group where students come to improve their writing skills. The group is overseen by Writing Center Administrator Stephanie Wielkolpolan. Wielkolpolan runs the group in addition to teaching at Waynesburg University on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

This year is the first time the Creative Writing Group is being put to use in person. Last year, due to COVID-19, it was all virtual, according to Wielkolpolan. It previously was virtual for 18 months before this 2021 fall semester. 

The Creative Writing Group Flyer on the Waynesburg myconnect website says that the group meets every Thursday starting from Sept. 23 and ending on Nov.11 in the Eberly library. So far, this year the writing group has had two participants in their first session of the new semester. 

According to Wielkolpolan, the group was a “mix of people who had a major that had something to do with writing, and those who were just interested in it.” 

One thing the Creative Writing Group helps with is the Banned Books Week: Writing Contest. According to the flyer on the Waynesburg my connect website, submissions for it are due on Oct. 8t. There was a writing contest last semester, however due to Covid, it was less hands-on then it is now. 

According to Stephanie, the banned books theme focuses on books that have been banned or censored due to their controversial content. She said “the contest is a great way to think and feel. It’s a good way to highlight how people share the power of words.” 

Every contest has an award given for the winner. According to Wielkolpolan, the first, second and third place will win a reward for placing in the contest. She is the judge for the contest, so she decides who wins. 

Wielkolpolan is happy to be able to help with both the Creative Writing Center and the Banned Books Week: Writing Contest because,

“The writing center is a safe place where students can come to work on their writing,” she said. “It is a healthy outlet for students to let out their creative side.”