First annual Furry Friends 5K comes to Waynesburg

The first annual Furry Friends 5K was held at Waynesburg University on April 2. The race was open to people who chose to run with pets, along with people who did not. 

The event was organized by Waynesburg University seniors Karlee Anderson, Megan Wilson, Makalia Morrell and sophomore Kaitlin Leadbitter on behalf of the Humane Society of Greene County.

Photo by Tim Durkin

Participants did laps around the university in the surrounding area. Attendees could also pay for a chance to win one of many gift bags.

“All supplies are going to go to the Humane society to buy supplies for their shelter,” Wilson said. “Food, cleaning supplies, anything they need to keep the animals there healthy and happy while they are staying there looking for their forever home.”

Anderson said that she wanted a way to get the dogs out of the shelter and into the community.

“At an adoption event, not many students are going to come because they can’t get a dog, but a 5K, the public can join, students can join and everyone can stay around dogs,” Anderson said. “People can bring their own dogs so it’s literally a huge dog event.”

Photo by Tim Durkin

According to Craig Wise, a board member for the Greene County Humane Society board of trustees, the money raised will be invaluable.

“You’re supporting the only animal shelter in Greene County, and we rely solely on donations,” he said. “It not only helps us raise money, but you get to see people interacting with their pets, their companion animals, and it becomes a fun event that shows more than just homeless dogs and cats.”

The goal for the project was to raise $1,000. However, proceeds from the 15 sponsors alone was $2,100. The final numbers for money raised from ticket sales have not yet been released.