Let’s taco-bout study tips

Video courtesy of WCTV, Rachel Duncan

Midterm week may be over, but finals are still in the near future. Although students have made it past one of the most stressful weeks in the semester, there is still another half of the semester left. To be better prepared for finals week in December, students and The Pathways Center offered their study tips at SAB’s latest event midterm munchies. 

This past Wednesday at 9 p.m. in the Beehive, SAB hosted an event featuring music and a late night treat. Students on the Student Activity Board helped to serve the treats alongside The Pathways Center academic support specialist, Tyler Webb. Webb, representing The Pathways Center, brought study tips and resources for students as they enjoyed their walking tacos. 

“I think everybody likes tacos. Walking tacos tend to be pretty popular,” Webb said, “We got some music going. Hopefully a space for students to take a break from studying, come hang out with friends and enjoy some free food. That’s always a good thing.” 

Students agreed with Webb, saying this event provided a much needed study break. One senior pre-med student, James Gallucci said, “It works miracles to go from studying for six hours straight, not being able to socially interact to actually getting a break and talking to actual people and not looking at a book. It’s very nice.” 

In addition to a study break with free food and music, The Pathways Center offered several resources for students. 

“So we have some study tips that we at The Pathways Center put together to help students relax before their midterms…. so they know better who we are and ways in which we can help them inside the classroom and outside the classroom as well,” said Webb. 

The Pathways Center provided new ways to study and resources for those who have a difficult time doing so. However, they were not the only ones with study tips that night. Two seniors offered different approaches to studying. 

Christy Smith, a math secondary education major, said she preferred the Pomodoro Technique. This technique encourages students to study for periods of time and then break, which she says helps reduce being overwhelmed, or burning out when studying. Gallucci, however, approaches studying from a different point of view.

“Energy drinks are your friend as you progress through the entire semester. They will become more and more of a close friend, almost becoming like a sibling to you,” Gallucci said. 

Whatever the case, only half a semester remains for the Fall. Webb encourages students to continue to work and study hard. 

“I know it’s a stressful time but do your best, study hard and the chips will fall where they will. Afterward, go have fun and reward yourself for all your hard work.”