“Won’t You Help Your Neighbor” Campaign

Alone, stranded, isolated and in solitude—these are what students in quarantine on-campus might be experiencing due to COVID-19 protocols, according to the “Won’t You Help Your Neighbor” campaign. Led by campaign director Adrian Barnhart, this campaign’s goal is to ease those feelings of loneliness. Students can either be quarantined for a week or a month, … Continue reading

Fans back in the stands

The sports season is up and running at Waynesburg University and the addition of family and students spectators returning to attendance brings a renewed sense of normalcy for the first time since the pandemic’s arrival. The Presidents Athletic Conference Council voted to leave the external policies for the fall and spring outdoor sports for the … Continue reading

Andrew Hreha: candidacy in communication

The Yellow Jacket’s own Executive Editor Andrew Hreha, journalism major with a political science minor, has been awarded the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania’s nomination to represent PA’s House District 60.  Hreha explained how this came to fruition. “That’s kind of a long story, I would not be in this position if not for COVID-19. Last … Continue reading

COVID-19 cases on campus continue to increase

A few weeks ago, The Yellow Jacket reported on the Keep Waynesburg Well Team’s efforts towards “pre-pandemic normalcy.” This “normalcy,” however, may have to wait. This past week, the amount of confirmed cases on campus recorded thus far for Spring semester surpassed that of Fall semester.  During the Fall semester, Aug. 9 to Dec. 5, … Continue reading

Students voice opinions on Wellness Days

Colleges and universities across the country have chosen to do away with spring break this semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic. By keeping students on campus, the spread of COVID-19 could potentially be mitigated. In lieu of spring break, Waynesburg University has offered “Wellness Days” to give students some time off.  Near the middle of … Continue reading

Virtual Charter Day deemed a success

Past the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Waynesburg University’s Charter Day was held entirely as an online event. It was pre recorded and shown on Tuesday, March 21. As mentioned previously in the Yellow Jacket, Charter Day chicken was still served and guest speaker Mark Harner made an appearance. Despite all the complications from … Continue reading