The Yellow Jacket may soon be seen in the App Store

Executive Editor Andrew Hreha works continuously to bring the newspaper to a new digital dimension

The Yellow Jacket could be coming to the App Store in the near future. Executive Editor of The Yellow Jacket, Andrew Hreha, started working on the Yellow Jacket App over winter break last year.  Hreha had some previous experience making websites, but making an app was a whole new level of expertise. “I am very … Continue reading

Ed DiOrio produces and premieres Lanny Frattare documentary, ‘No Doubt’

For his senior practicum project, DiOrio decided to share a biographical story about his beloved professor

“Do something impactful, do something that is going to make a difference.”  This is what chairperson of the department of communication tells his practicum class every year in regards to their capstone practicum project. This year, senior sports media major Ed DiOrio decided for his practicum project to do a documentary on Waynesburg University assistant … Continue reading

University’s ‘Keep Waynesburg Well’ plan to continue over winter break

Jim Tanda speaks on the plan's continuance through the holiday break into the spring semester next year

Waynesburg University students attended their final in-person classes last week and went home for the holidays earlier than usual. While students have been following the Keep Waynesburg Well plan on campus, it should be known that it still applies at home. Although the hope is that everyone will stay safe over break, as the numbers … Continue reading

Waynesburg University raises money through Day of Giving

Waynesburg University held its fifth annual Day of Giving on Thurs., Nov. 12, allowing alumni, students, faculty, staff and their families to support the school’s academic departments and athletic teams. According to the Waynesburg University website, the university exceeded their goal by $52,745 with a total of 905 donors and 38 states.  The university website … Continue reading

Student activity board hosts coloring event

Video courtesy of WCTV Every year, Waynesburg University holds a “Day of Giving” to help fundraise for the different academic departments and athletic teams. In order to draw awareness for this event, on November 5th from noon-3 p.m., the university held a coloring event. Students were able to go to the Beehive, choose a Waynesburg-themed … Continue reading

Spring term update

There is a lot of anticipation around campus for the spring semester. After registering for classes, students know those classes will be in-person for the upcoming term. James Tanda, instructor of criminal justice and director of security operations and emergency management, said everyone plays a part in keeping students at the university. “The success is … Continue reading

Reactions to the 2020 election on campus

Waynesburg University students and staff have been keeping up with the 2020 Election. “It is stressful,” said Holly Ludvigsen, a senior criminal justice major. “Polls predicted Joe Biden would win by a landslide, but I knew not to believe that considering that’s what they said about Hillary in 2016 as well.”  Ludvigsen said she voted … Continue reading

Waynesburg University campus gets festive early

This fall semester at Waynesburg University has been a semester of adapting. Adapting to COVID-19 regulations, adapting to courses, adapting events on campus and so much more. Despite the changes, students, staff and faculty have worked together to persevere through it all.  Douglas G. Lee, President of Waynesburg University, has made it a priority to … Continue reading

Election Night at Waynesburg University

"One way that students can follow the events of election night is by tuning into WCTV’s four hour election night special."

This fall, Americans once again have the opportunity to vote in a presidential election, something that usually only happens once during a student’s four years at college. Both students and faculty are voting in several different ways this election, something that matches the rest of the country.  According to the US Elections Project, more than … Continue reading