“Timbo” loses first match, concludes steller regular season

WAYNESBURG, Pa. (Nov. 1) – Tim Durkin, better known as “Timbo” on the Esports team, faced off against the only other unbeaten player in his Super Smash Bros. conference: “Zamu” from New Jersey City University. 

Both players came into the match with a 6-0 record, looking to move into the last match of their season being 7-0 and looking to end the year undefeated. 

“The match was definitely a tough one,” Durkin said. “It’s my first loss of the regular season… so I cannot really complain too much.”

Durkin, a player known for sweeping his opponents, was swept for his first and only loss of the season. He fell to Zamu 3-0. 

Zamu used Samus, a fighter known for long-range attacks. Durkin uses Inkling, a character more known for staying in close-range combat.

“Maybe I could consider using a different character other than my main,” Durkin said to coach Matt Pioch. 

The thought process from Timbo and Pioch is “A character that is sort of better at long range and can sort of force those characters (Samus) that like to create space to try and approach you.”

This is the first year of Esports at Waynesburg University, and the Super Smash Bros. team has been super to say the least. 

Durkin finished his regular season with a 6-1 overall record, Colsen “Colseb” Liney went undefeated with a 7-0 record, and Dane “Dane” Chiccarello has a 2-3 record and his last two matches of the regular season are coming up on Nov. 11.

“I’m really happy that there is an esports program this year,” Durkin said. “I love the Esports team and that it is here.” 

Durkin looks forward to the playoffs coming up Nov. 18, 2022.