Waynesburg University celebrates 173 years

Video courtesy of WCTV, Brock Owens

Even after 173 years, Waynesburg University is still coming together to celebrate. The university held its annual Charter Day celebration Tuesday, March 22.

According to President Douglas Lee, events like this help build the Waynesburg community. 

“Community is the essential part of this university experience,” Lee said. “Coming here and being a community and sharing our mutual care for each other.”

In addition to the community aspect, Lee also takes a Christian message from Charter Day. 

“I think it reminds us of our foundation, you know the foundation of the Lord,” Lee said. “To take that moment and reflect on how God has sustained this university through the ages and produced great people that have gone out and made a difference in the world through their lives, to be lights in the darkness. You know that day celebrates all of that.” 

Aside from community and faith, there’s something else that takes the top spot for Lee on Charter Day. 

“Always a favorite part for me are the students, and I mean that sincerely. I just love being able to talk to the students and they’re so approachable,” he said.

Even after 173 years, one thing continues to be synonymous with Charter Day. 

“Well obviously Charter Day chicken,” said Madelyn Verhoff, junior communication major. “I thought I had to give it another try this year since last year it was a little weird. This year it’s a lot better. The breading was different, the sauce was a lot better and thicker. Yes, Charter Day chicken was the reason I came here.”