Feldberg joins Waynesburg University as disability services coordinator

At the start of this semester, as Waynesburg University welcomed the incoming class, the school also welcomed some new faculty members. One of these new members is Sarah Feldberg, who is the new Disability Services Coordinator.  Formerly, Feldberg worked at Wilson College in central Pennsylvania. There, she was the Director of the Academic Resource Center … Continue reading

Lown leads student senate

From being a part of the Student Senate at his high school to being accepted as a Stover Scholar, Ethan Lown’s path to becoming President of the Student Senate here at Waynesburg just felt right.   After being just a general senator his freshman year, Lown then was elected as the social vice president which oversees … Continue reading

Dr. Lawrence Stratton remembers Chancellor Thyreen

Chancellor Timothy R. Thyreen was a passionate educator whose educational vision for an academic institution predicated upon the grace and truth of Jesus Christ was inspiring. Just as Old Testament Judean King Josiah rediscovered the scrolls and rebuilt Jerusalem, President Thyreen rebuilt Waynesburg University on its founding Christian mission.  The Stover Scholars cherished his annual … Continue reading